I was surfing Warrior Forum and over the last few weeks, I came across some questions which center around blogging. One of the most common questions was: “How exactly do you make money blogging?”

The simple answer is (and it is not simple by any means): You need to develop authority.

It is when people hear this answer that they lose all motivation in starting their own blog. The reality is, developing authority using your blog is difficult to do. It also takes a lot of time. Most blogs do not allow you to effectively monetize until you have reach an expert level status or if you have thousands of returning readers.

But there is another issue here. Most people start a blog, write two posts and try to monetize the crap out of it. They just do not seem to understand that having too many ads on your blog will make your readers run away.

Would you go to a website where half of the area is plastered with meaningless ads? No you wouldn’t.

Sure, a small percentage of people can make money blogging in a very small time-frame by:

1. Focusing on popular keywords with less competition

2. Knowing the right internet marketing methods

3. Having command over their area of interest

But for the vast majority, blogging is not lucrative on its own.

This post is in no means again people who like to start their own blog to make some money. I just wanted to tell you that if you take this approach, keep your expectations low.

That being said, a blog can be a very worthwhile investment if you know what you are doing. If you are an expert in a specific area and you have your own business, starting a blog for your business website might actually be a good thing.

Remember, if you start blogging with the goal to make tons of money, you will likely get burnt out and disappointed. If you use your blog as a way to provide your readers with valuable information on your services, you will get a lot of customers in the long-run.