Many webmasters build only 20-30 links a day, fearing that Google will somehow catch on to what they are doing. They also fear that once Google knows that they are not building “natural” links, it will ban their website.
The first problem with this argument is that Google is not an omnipotent, omniscient being. It is not even intelligent. Google is simply a search engine following a set of algorithms, designed to improve its operation. Sure, Google can catch on to mischievous behavior, but unless you really try to get penalized, chances are, you are pretty safe.
Let us take an example: A person who building 100 links a day to his website everyday will pretty much never get caugh by Google because he is not building “natural” links. As far as Google knows, all the links are natural. However, if a person builds 1000 links one day and does not build ANY links for a long time period, it is bound to raise red flags.
The problem lies with consistency and not about how many links you plan to put up.
Another point to note that almost every webmaster does SEO for his website which includes link building among other things. Is most link building natural? I doubt it. More than 90% of all links are formed because of “need” and not because someone found our stuff “interesting” on the web. So all the time when Google thinks all the links we build are natural, it is almost always wrong. So much for being intelligent.
Remember, Google is not God so do not think it is out to get you. As long as you do not do anything designed especially to decieve Google, you are safe.