Article marketing is by far the oldest methods of getting traffic to your website. This method is being used by thousands of online marketers to get free traffic to their website. But the question is “Does article marketing work?”
The answer is: Yes, it does, but only if you do it the right way.
The problem is, most people do it the wrong way and that is why they get frustrated when no traffic comes to their website.I have heard of people who have written as many as 200 articles, only to get around 30 clicks for them all! Now that is a heavy price to pay for such a small number of clicks.
On the other hand, many established marketers ONLY use this method to increase their website’s exposure. And it works for them!
Like everything in life, article marketing comes with a price and a catch as well: You have to be consistent, use common sense and expect longer-term gains.
To ensure that your article marketing efforts provide you with more visitors, you have to follow these points:
1. Make sure your article has a catchy headline, content and resource box. Do not put up rehashed info from around the web in your article.
2. Provide something unique to your audience. If your article is exactly like thousands of other articles out there, you will not get any visitors to your website.
3. Do not advertise in your article content! Use the resource box for that. In the article itself, just provide good advice and content to the reader.
4. Establish yourself as an expert in your articles. This way you pre-sell to your readers, and if the article is good enough, you might even generate a good amount of sales. I have done this myself many times.
5. Add a little personality to your article: Do not make it too formal and do not come across as too easy either.
6. Write something controversial: If 98% of the people have a certain opinion and you write something really provocative against the general opinion, you will get exposure!
7. Use the article resource box to point an anchored link to your website: Add your keywords into the resource box so that you get link juice benefits.
8. Never stop writing: If you write 10 articles and then stop, your traffic will vanish. If you would like consistent free traffic, aim at writing 1-2 articles everyday.
9. Use article submission software: No one has the time to spend 4 hours submitting to article directories manually. Buy software such as Article Post Robot to automate this process. Submit to as many websites as possible, but make sure you do not submit exact duplicates of your articles.