backlinksOn a daily basis now, I have to delete spam comments on my blog from people fishing for a free backlink. The thing is, my blog still has a PR0 ranking and, because of personal and professional crises in my own life, I hadn’t even updated it for a month. I finally did start adding new content on Saturday and intend to restart adding to it regularly, however I still wonder – why is there so much attraction to these knuckleheads to want to get a backlink on my blog anyway? What’s it worth to them?

Not Much

Not to put myself down, but the fact is that my blog needs a lot of work that I just don’t have time for – I need to do more backlinking of my own and really build it up more. I know it has potential to be a top personal finance blog.
However, a combination of illness (I have diabetes and it has been acting up the past month or two, making things difficult for me) and professional commitments (my blog doesn’t yet make enough for me to be able to able to drop some writing clients) means that links from my blog are not worth a whole lot. And yet, people keep coming back, looking for more.

The Difference Between PR0 Links and Pr4+ Links

Let’s break this down. PR0 or PR1 are pretty easy to come by. Everyone starts out with a PR0 after their first few weeks online and achieving a PR1 ranking doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. On the other hand, once you begin getting into the range of PR4 or PR5, then it gets a lot tougher to achieve those kinds of rankings.
You need serious traffic and serious backlink numbers to get to that point. Google’s engineers know this and most SEO experts know this also. That’s why they sell such links for so much money.

But I Saw PR9 Links for $5 Each!

Okay, first, if you happen to believe that you can buy a PR9 link for $5, then I’d like you to send me a private e-mail so we can discuss a bridge I have for sale. It’s got a lovely view of Brooklyn. But seriously, there are places that claim to be offering packages of PR4 and PR5 links for just a few dollars for a few hundred links. Are they lying? Not quite. It’s just that they’re not telling the whole truth either.

Page Rank is on a Page, Not a Website

Page rank doesn’t get conferred onto a particular website. Facebook has a PR10 ranking, but that doesn’t mean that my blog’s Facebook page is the equivalent of a PR10 page with a PR10 link. My blog’s Facebook page in fact ranks a PR0.
When people tell you that they offer packages of PR4/5 (or even the fabled PR9) links for very little money, what they are saying is that they’ll create links somewhere within the website and that the website’s front page has that ranking.
Now, if you happen to find that the package includes a link from the front page, then it may be worth something. Though even in that case, it pays to ask – how long will the link stay on the front page? Unless you are buying a link which will be there in perpetuity, it’s not worth all that much.

What You Get With Those Packages

Most of these packages by the way, which are often sold on, are in fact just blog comments or forum profiles. These not only do not confer the page rank of the parent page, but they also don’t confer much value at all because Google’s engineers know how easy such links are to get.

So Are they Worthless?

Not exactly. If you’ve read my article on the main page here about how link building works, then you know that link building is about either getting backlinks from popular sites or getting thousands of backlinks from the unpopular sites.
I assume that’s why I keep getting these ridiculous spam comments – because people see my blog as one stop along the way to getting their thousands of backlinks. What I don’t get is why they keep coming back when none of them ever gets posted. Oh well. It’s off to the spam filter I go…