Google Adwords is one of the most proficient advertising engines in the world. It is proficient because you can put your message out to other users in a matter of minutes and can get instant results. But it comes with a price: High costs, most of the time.
Although Google has devised a brilliant way of helping online marketers out, most people do not use Adwords the right way. And that is why they end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Case in point: When I started using Adwords, I lost $300 on clicks that did not convert. I was also unfortunate enough to pay over $3 per click for a very long tail keyword…

But I soon learnt the reason why I was paying so much: Low relevance and crappy ads!
If you are one of those people who has spent a lot on Adwords and received no benefit, listen up: You need to create relevancy in your ads!
You also need to write good ads. If you add too much hype or sarcasm to your ads, sure, people will click, but they will not buy from you. Experience has shown that it is only the most matter-of-factly ads which bring in the most revenue on Adwords.
Adwords is not easy! But those who master it, make thousands! Those who do not, burn out quickly.
In order to be really effective while using Adwords, buy Perry Marshall`s on Adwords. But someone was to put the book`s techniques in point form, this is what it would be:
1. Create relevancy
2. Focus only on narrow keywords for each Adgroup
3. Create compelling ads – reproduce the conversion inside your customer`s head
4. Send each separate ad click to a seperate landing page (most of the time)
5. Keep testing!
Follow these tips and you will increase your CTR, reduce your Cost Per Click and get more revenue in!