adding html to facebook fan pages
With the latest Facebook update, it may seem really difficult to add quality material to your Facebook fan pages since much of the scripting ability seems to have been removed from the site. However, I did find out about a Facebook application which makes it ridiculously easy to add in HTML to your Facebook page and to make it look great too. Plus, it’s free.
Step 1: Add the application
The way you do this is by adding in the Static HTML facebook application. This program will let you add new tabs to your Facebook fan page which work within the i-frames that Facebook now uses and they will allow you to add static HTML content to your site.
Just visit the application and click “go to app.” Then, add it to the page you want to use it with. You can add up to three tabs using this application.
Step 2: Open the Page
The next thing to do is to open up the page where you’ve just added the application and begin editing it by adding in whatever HTML content you happen to want to add to it. You can also add in embedded material such as YouTube videos and sign up forms for your e-mail list.
However you’ll need to make sure they fit within the i-frame, which can be no more than 520 pixels wide (you should be able to set this width in YouTube and in your autoresponder).
Step 3: Offer Content Just for Fans
Another cool feature that I really like about this application is that it lets you offer content just for fans. You simply select that option when you are editing your page and then add in two separate pieces of content, one which will display for non fans and another which will display for fans.
The non fan page should basically say something like “like us to reveal free stuff” or some such thing like that. You can see an example of what I mean at my personal finance blog’s facebook page here: As you can see, if you are not a fan, there’s just a note that asks you to like the page. Click like and there is a link to a free stuff from Clickbank page I have set up for fans.
A Different Option
I also ran across an interesting option besides this which costs money but which offers much more flexibility. There is a WordPress based system which will let you build fan pages using the familiar WordPress platform. The program costs $26 from a WSO and I personally have not tried it out, but it does sound like a nice deal all around.