I have been looking at different “expert” SEO companies and consultants with a lot of interest over the past few months. Some of them are very good at what they do (which is evidenced in part by their testimonials and they way they convey their message) but the mass majority of SEO companies are less impressive. Here are some interesting points on SEO companies:
1. 85% do not know more than you: Surprising but true. To prove this, just go and ask them about some less known SEO technique or term. They will almost always give you a vague answer. Some SEO companies even go so far as to tell you that they will “submit your website to thousands of search engines and directories for $29.99”. If you have basic SEO knowledge, you would understand why that is a problem.
2. 80% will offer directory submissions: The mass majority of SEO companies are ready to charge you a hefty price for submission to 200 or 300 directories. Remember, directory submissions can be done by anyone with good software on hand. Along with that, directory submissions hold less to no value for your website’s rankings, so this practice does not provide a good ROI on your investment. Because most SEO companies present directory submissions as their “major” service, it is quite logical to believe that they are not experieneced enough to tap into better ways to market websites.
3. 30% will spam across the internet: Now this is just a good estimate. The fact remains that most of the new SEO companies simply start spamming on forums and blogs in order to get a lot of links to their client’s website. They think that it is the link quantity and not quality which matters. They might even go so far as to get the client’s website penalized or even banned!
4. 80% of them provide standardized services: Most SEO companies provide standardized services which anyone with a decent software can do.Although that is not a problem in itself, it shows the lack of experience that they have. If everyone is doing the same thing, chances are that the results from that technique are not great. Good results only come from techniques which only a few people have the knowledge and persistence to undertake. I always approach standardized SEO services with caution as I could save a lot of money by simply buying the software myself and using it.
5. 90% of them fail to increase your rankings: It is shocking but very much true! Some SEO companies focus on “providing you thousands of links from their own network of websites”. Talk about using link farms! Other SEO companies will simply do massive amounts of directory submissions in the hopes of getting you to rank high. Needless to say, these are all standardized techniques which do not work anymore.
The moral of the story: Never select an SEO company blindly!
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