FiverrThose of you who spend a lot of time here at the QuantumSEO Labs blog know that I love finding ways to save money (which is why I run The Personal Finance Help Center) and I love finding cool ideas for building up my blog which don’t cost a lot of money. One of my favorite sites for doing this is the $5 website, Fiverr. This site will basically allow people to do all kinds of weird or goofy things for five bucks (really $4 – Fiverr takes a 20% commission off the top, but you always pay five bucks).
Now while Fiverr is a lot of fun and can be a great way to waste time and money on silly things (the Max Headroom guy definitely comes to mind – he’s not working at Fiverr anymore though), I’ve also found some truly useful stuff on Fiverr which can actually help you to build up your website. So, here are five of my favorite Fiverr gigs which I either have personally used or have seen highly recommended:

The Preacher Guy

I’ve had several videos done by this guy and I intend to post them shortly. He is phenomenal and really tries to please his customers by providing you with something that’s really worthwhile. Basically, he’ll dress up like a preacher and talk about pretty much any website that you want him to talk about (as long as it’s not something which violates his principles).
He does it in an accent like a southern preacher and I had him do a few videos for me where he preaches that being deeply in debt is the devil’s work, but the good folks at the Personal Finance Help Center can help you to get out of debt. The thing is, it’s really funny and kind of puts me in mind of the Geico obvious questions commercials. For five bucks, he’s a bargain.

Social Bookmarking

If you don’t want to be bothered with doing submissions yourself, this guy will take care of submitting your website or any page on the site to most of the popular social networks. Plus, he does it all manually meaning that you’re less likely to see your submissions deleted than if you used an automated service. For five bucks, not a bad deal.

Find Your Niche

I have not tried this one myself, but it has been highly recommended. Basically, if you’re not sure what kind of a website you should start which will actually make money for you, you can let this guy decide for you. For five bucks, he’ll do the research to find you some cool ideas which you can implement right now and which won’t have super heavy competition.

Get a Logo Made

I had found a guy I really liked for logos, but sadly, he seems to have dropped out of Fiverr. I guess he figured he could make more money selling his stuff elsewhere. However, this guy seems to have lots of satisfied customers and let’s face it – for five bucks, if you don’t like the logo he creates for your website, you could always just try again with someone else.

LinkedIn Connections

There are lots of places to get LinkedIn connections on Fiverr (to be honest, I’ve never done it myself because I never understood what the appeal was). This guy has the highest rankings for doing it though, so if you need to build your LinkedIn following, check it out.