Guest Blogging in simple terms means blogging on any blog or a website except your own. This is an age of social networking. And there couldn’t be a better way than guest blogging to expand online visibility of your product/ service.
It is extremely important to create balanced efforts to strategize SEO for a thriving business website by being mindful of latest Google Penguin updates. You should devise tactics to remain in constant touch with your customers via various modes. Guest blogging strategies could be among those that can be helpful to your company.

 Benefits of Guest Blogging

1) Goodwill Builder
 Being socially responsible should be among the topmost objectives of a conscientious business endeavor. Guest blogging is a channel to achieve that. Using your knowledge to spread awareness among the interested, about the facts and nuances of your industry, is doubly beneficial. One, you get a chance to be socially helpful and two, you end up propagating your business and brand presence among the blog visitors. What’s even better is that you do not have to invest resources in running campaigns to fetch new visitors for your website. You target the already created audience-base of various high-quality blogs and broadly increase the span of your online reach. It is a great chance to build goodwill, build trust for your brand and hence a potential customer base. All you need to do is exploit your grey matter and bring out the originality in you.
2) Raised Web Traffic Levels
 If your guest blog post content is worthy of attention and is helpful to the readers, then traffic to your website will increase. This phenomenon is not instant, but will definitely occur within a short span of your blog being posted. You will almost certainly be surprised and it will feel like magic the first time. This will serve as an inspiration to continue the effort.
Remember that people who got directed to your website did appreciate your knowledge and have a certain level of faith in you. They came to you. All you spent was a little energy and time brainstorming thoughts for the guest post. So, I would say that this kind of traffic is many times better than any form of purchased traffic, which is vague in nature.


3) Efficient SERP Presence

 One of the best ways to be effective in Search Engine Optimization efforts is getting backlinks from reputable websites. With guest blogging, not only will you get linked via respectable blogs, but also get permanent web traffic from these links. Your ranking with search engines will certainly improve as a result. Remember that eventually, only quality content and rightful SEO will stand tall against constantly updated search engine algorithms to eliminate low-grade content and inferior modes of SEO.

The higher your rank in search results, the greater is the chance of prospective customers visiting your website. Hence, you will get better opportunities without actually pitching for your product/service.
4) Decreased Operating Costs in Business
 How much money do you spend on advertising and promotion of your product/service? Do you expect to reach and convince your prospective customer without any marketing effort? With guest blogging, you can. Once you get the hang of the concept and learn to optimize it to attract prospective buyers, you will end up spending little or no amount on advertising.
The competition is intense. The market scenario calls for smart savings and investments. And guest blogging has its own benefits to support the same cause. Lesser money spent on advertisements directly means increased turnover and profit margin.
5) Relationship Building
 Who doesn’t want to be associated with the market experts and successful businesses? With regular guest blogging, as an industry expert you will attract attention, more than you expect or imagine. Eventually you will be appreciated for your work and building relationships with established names in the industry will become much easier.
Moreover, you will garner trust and create a strong bond with the blog owner/s you will guest blog for. To foster mutual interest you could ask them to promote your product/service or publish its review. Building such a relationship will require consistently supplying quality guest blogs over a period of time.

Summing up,

  •  Guest blogging is an extremely feasible, inexpensive and fair means to attract web traffic and build your company’s image.
  • It is a learning process for you as you in addition to keeping up with industry advancements.
  • It gives you an opportunity to connect with aware and informed population interested in your business line.
  • Gradually, your work ascertains getting you established as an authority in the industry that people respect; and your opinion begins to matter.
  • Your prospective customers and your business get a chance to bond during various stages of the purchase cycle.


Guest blogging presents limitless opportunities in terms of expanding your social media presence. It is definitely not a means of direct marketing. The current generation of blog readers is a well-informed and savvy one. Even if they get a hint of promotional approach, they might refrain from trusting you entirely. Hence, it would be in your best interest to build a certain level of confidence among your audience before you mention about your business.

You will end up opening unanticipated avenues for your business by putting in constant efforts to deliver first-class content. Competitors’ websites or several renowned blog owners might approach you to author guest blog for their websites. Hence, more and more people will know about your business and your expertise. The best advertisement is by word of mouth. And it is a social networker’s nature to share impressive information almost instantly. So why not make hay while the sun shines? Go for it.
Did you try guest blogging and experience any unique benefit that I missed out on? Let me know, it will be a great addition to my knowledge bank and a great add-on to fuel a fruitful discussion for our readers.