Reading e-books and courses on how to get more traffic to your website never helped anybody. The reason lies in the fact that every author has a unique way to explain his or her methods. A lot of authors use a simplified version of the method that they teach, which makes the readers believe as if getting traffic to their website was the simplest thing in the world.
It goes without saying that reading a lot of SEO and traffic-getting books complicates user knowledge. I personally prefer to keep things simple. Here are 3 fool-proof methods to getting more traffic:
1. Optimize for long-tail keywords in the beginning: Do not start going crazy and try to optimize for 2-word-keywords for a new website. If your website is new, try to ease into the search engine rankings by optimizing for long-tail keywords. Make sure your keyword phrase is mentioned at the start of your title tag, in the heading of your main content and in the title tags.
It should also be mentioned that long-tail keywords bring in more targeted traffic, which is easier to convert. Generic keywords take a lot more time to rank high for and provide relatively un-targeted traffic.
2. Build links to your inner pages: People seem to think that it is the homepage that they should build links to. I think that at times it is more rewarding to build links to your inner pages using the same keyword phrase used in the title tag. This will increase your relevance in the search engines and consequently your rankings. This technique is especially recommended when you are selling separate products or services on your inner pages.
It is always a good idea to keep up to 50% of your incoming links distributed among your inner pages. This makes your link building look more natural and also allows your inner pages to rank high for specific keywords.
3. Get some publicity going: If you have a unique product or service to offer, do yourself a favor and send out a paid press release. Doing this might get the media to start talking about you. You are also guaranteed a good quality backlink from a high PR website. Needless to say, your press release is shown to millions of people on news websites. This single method of getting traffic can be more than enough to make tons of money with your online business.
Press releases are the ONLY method used by some small-scale companies to get more business. These companies simply send out a paid press release every week or so. The press release is focused on a new product or service that they have started offering or anything related to the company which is considered news-worthy. Clearly, press releases can be hugely beneficial if they are done in the right way.