5 Mistakes Many New Bloggers Make

BloggingWhether you are blogging in order to improve your SEO efforts or you are blogging in order to make money from blogging, there are certain things that you simply must do if you want to be successful at it. Here are five common mistakes new bloggers make which are relatively easy to fix:

Choosing an Aggressive Schedule

Not everyone has the time to write up four 1,000 word blog posts per day. That’s a lot of work and it’s not likely that most of us can handle it. However, many bloggers start off gung ho and decide they’re going to do just that. They may even manage to do one or two days like this, but it eventually drops to two a day and then one a day, then one a week and eventually to nothing at all.

Instead, simply choose a realistic blogging schedule that you can stick with. If it’s once a day, then great – do once a day. If it’s every other day, do that. If it’s once a week, do once a week. The key here is to focus on doing what you can do and being consistent about it.

Trying to Be Perfect

No, you don’t want to have lots of obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes in your blog. If you aren’t able to write good quality English, then you should probably hire someone to write your blog for you. However, at the same time, this isn’t War and Peace and you aren’t trying to write your Magnum Opus here.

Simply get your ideas out in a clear, concise manner and make sure you do get them out – one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is wasting time agonizing over every word they write and they end up not publishing anything at all.

Trying to Cover Too Many Topics

Presumably, your goal with your blog is to make money. Whether it’s to make money by supporting your website or it’s to make money with affiliate products, the fact is that your blog shouldn’t try to be all things to all people. You aren’t writing a daily newspaper here. You’re writing a blog. That means that you need to be focused. Have a single core area of focus and then a handful of subtopics (for example, making money online with topics on marketing, SEO, affiliate programs, etc.).

Not Having a Mailing List

I can’t stress this enough – no matter what your business is, no matter the reason that you run a blog, having a mailing list is essential to making money online. The money truly is in the list, so be sure to set up a mailing list as soon as possible when you get your blog up and running. Don’t wait to do it until you’re popular. You’ll be leaving potential customers blowing in the wind.

Thinking That it’s Easy

Finally, the single biggest mistake most new bloggers make is that they think that successful blogging is easy. It’s not. Writing a blog and making money from it, or generating traffic to your website from it is hard work. It takes commitment and the ability to work through every problem without ever giving up. If you can’t handle that, then hire someone else to handle your blog for you. Otherwise, you’ll never make any money from it.

31 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Many New Bloggers Make

    1. Well they should be realistic and not burn themselves out too quickly. On the other hand, if they happen to be truly capable of handling four posts a day, more power to them.

  1. I believe i have just about every one of those mistakes at some point of my life. I have yet to create any email lists for the simple fact that i really dont have anything to do with one. I think you at least have me talked into buying one. Good post…

    1. Glad we could help. Like I said, a mailing list really is the lifeblood of any blog and it’s truly the very best way to make real money from your blog.

  2. “Trying to Be Perfect” – it was the most interesting part of this article, I think it is very useful article for seo juniors.
    I agree with all 5 mistakes, you are fully right! thanks

    1. Exactly. Obviously if your writing is full of mistakes and other problems, it’s not good, but as a friend of mine said regarding authors — every published author has one thing in common — they finished writing their books. It may not be perfect, but it is finished.

  3. Nobody is still perfect and trying to be perfect especially when new at something will definitely be a disaster. Blogging is sometimes about committing mistakes and learning from them.

    1. That’s the point I always like to make — if you’re willing to fail, you’ll also be more likely to succeed.

  4. Great tips, it takes me forever to write a blog. Reading your blog as given me some confidence and made me realize to not look for perfection but to focus on getting the message out clearly. Thanks again!

    1. Well the other solution is to hire a professional to help you with writing the content for your blog. It’s a good solution for many people.

  5. Well said, Yasir. Sometimes we get discouraged just because we haven’t planned according to our daily reality.I have made this mistake many times. Other one I’m trying to not do again is not having a mailing list. For my new websites this is my priority. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly. As the old parable goes — slow and steady wins the race. Just be methodical and make sure that you do things in a step by step manner and you’ll be fine.

    1. So glad you found it useful. Which one was your favorite? My personal favorite is that you simply need to be able to be consistent rather than being gung ho and then getting burned out.

    1. I’m glad you liked them. I’m thinking about doing another post on this subject (i.e. 5 more mistakes new bloggers make) so that we can help even more…

    1. Exactly. However by the same token, don’t be complacent either about making sure grammar and spelling are accurate. An occasional typo is not the end of the world, but if your stuff looks like it was written by a monkey banging on a typewriter, then you may find yourself with problems. 🙂

  6. This was really great info – thank you so much for sharing! I am going to go back and read in more detail as I am just starting out with a blog

    1. I’m glad we could help. Please do be sure to keep coming back as I’ll be adding more material for new bloggers soon.

  7. I really like your article. Just to add my two sense, I feel that part of the reason people feel that they need to be perfect is that they are traumatized so to speak by past English teachers. Bloggers become afraid that they will get back a bad grade if they screw up grammar and spelling! 🙂

    1. As a former English teacher, I take offense at that :P. But seriously, as I’ve said — ultimately, the key to your success is simply going to be to do your best. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace. However, it shouldn’t read like someone with the IQ of a potato wrote it either.

    1. Hey, we all make mistakes. I admit that I make mistakes in blogging also. The biggest one being the consistency thing — it’s tough. Then again, nobody ever said blogging was going to be easy.

  8. I made many of those mistakes, but the key is to get back up and learn from the mistakes.

    I heard the saying, “Success is falling down 7 times, and getting up 8.” Do not think that mistakes are not bad – think of them as pieces of experience!

    Be Well.

    1. Exactly what I say — the key to success is being willing and able to fail as often as you need to in order to succeed in the end.

    1. Very true. The advice I always give is to write your blogs as if you were telling your friend about some cool new thing you just learned about that you want to share. This makes it more personal and more interesting to read.

  9. Hi Yasir,

    Good article, and I like your blog, very clean and a good visitor experience, great content. You couldn’t be more correct. Blogging is a lot of hard work and learning. I’m in the process of building a new WP blog, from scratch. Had a baffling tech issue which took myself and my VPS hosting co. almost a week to fix, takes tenacity. Looking forward to your new report.


    Dave Knop

    1. It can be frustrating, however that’s why you hire a professional to set up the blog for you rather than do the job yourself…

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