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The Journey to Our First $1,000,000 – 10 Lessons Learned Along the Way


We thank our clients who helped reach the 1 million dollar revenue mark

It is an almost universal truth that making your first million is always the toughest. There are umpteen references to this experience both online and offline.

While the unanimous truth is that making your first million is fraught with difficulties, no one is very clear as to whether the subsequent millions are relatively easier to earn.  I promise to let you know first hand.

“How come”, you may ask? Well, the time has come to let the cat out of the bag. My company Quantum SEO Labs, recently crossed 1 million dollars in revenue earnings. And we have achieved this landmark moment within 3 years of operations. And right now, whatever we earn will take us towards the subsequent million. Yes, we will keep our eyes and ears open and see how tough (or easy) the subsequent millions are to earn and we promise to let you know.

But That is Not What This is About

This post is about the journey to our first million. It was a tough journey, no doubt, but one that has helped me grow both professionally and personally. The lessons that we have learned along this journey are universal and in my opinion will be helpful to anyone on a similar quest.  No doubt, your journey is individual and personal in its own way, but these lessons that I am about to share may help

(a)   speed up your journey

(b)   prepare you better for the journey or may even

(c)   motivate you not to give up the journey.

Even if any one of these objectives is achieved, my purpose in writing this post would be served.

And of course, if you are already in the 1 million+ club, read this post solely for the ‘pleasure of reading’ and compare with your own experience of crossing the ‘elusive’ 1 million dollar mark 🙂

Before the Beginning…

It would be incorrect on my part to embark on this post without thanking the people responsible for making this happen. The dedicated team at Quantum SEO Labs and of course, our clients.

Our clients put their trust in us and our abilities to take their website to the top of the SERPs. Quantum SEO Labs has worked with several small to medium businesses during these 3 years. They have been extremely patient with us, supporting us immensely by sticking with us through thick and thin. In fact this achievement would not have been possible without our clients. Thank you guys, (I know you are reading this post).

And my talented and professional team eats and breathes SEO and works hard to arrive at and implement strategies that achieve the desired results for our clients. Thanks Sandhya Valecha, Faroq Chowdhury, Eric Hammer and Ahsen Ahmed and the rest of the team for your contribution to what is truly ‘our’ success.

And Now to the Lessons …

10 Lessons Learned during the Journey to our First Million

  1. Dream Big…But Have the Patience to Achieve the Dream
It all starts with a dream.

Dream BIG to reap BIG benefits.

 “Dreams are not what you see in sleep. They are the things that do not let you sleep”.  This is a quote by former Indian President and leading scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and something you should strongly put in practice if you wish to achieve any dream, whether it is of having your own successful business or swimming across the Atlantic.

My own journey started with a burning desire from a young age to earn money. Though the cool things to study when I was growing up were engineering and medicine, I observed that it was the businessmen who were making the most money.  Hence I decided to follow my heart and get into business.

Though I knew business was where I would find eventual success, it did take me more than a few ‘failed’ attempts to find the right business. After burning my fingers (read losing money) on the Forex business and the Plug-in-Profit website, I finally discovered SEO. Now with 4 years’ SEO experience, (3 years at Quantum SEO Labs), I am humbled by the power of dreams and what they can achieve.

  1. Be Prepared for Hardwork in the Initial Days

Yes indeed! There is no substitute to hard work

 The first few months are the toughest when you start a new venture. The legalities of setting up a new company may be easy, but getting it up and running is not.

In the initial days, I would spend 10-14 hours every day, including working on weekends. The process of getting people to become aware of your business, getting those initial clients and doing everything yourself (because hiring staff is not quite feasible in the beginning) is extremely time intensive.

It is not my intention here to brag about the hard work I did because frankly, there is no substitute to hard work, both initially and later. It is just that things are perhaps a tad easier now, thanks to the phenomenal team in place.

  1. Don’t Be Disheartened By Initial Failure

You never know how close you are to the breakthrough. Do not give up due to initial disappointments.

You will often find that the hard work you put in initially does not translate into quick results. In fact, you will come across several failed attempts. Don’t get disheartened.

Initially, my website got little traffic and practically no sales. A part of me was worried that this venture might go in the direction of my initial failed businesses and I may end up losing money.

But I persisted through the initial tough months.

  1. Confidence is a Positive Asset

If you are confident, your customers will feel it

 The more confident you are about what you do, the easier it is to get customers. It is simple logic.

If you are running an SEO company (like me), people coming to you don’t know much about SEO (otherwise, they would not come, right?). They perceive you as the expert and unless you are able to convince them that you are indeed the expert, you won’t get their business.

And this happens only when you are confident. And you get confidence only if you are truly knowledgeable and have experience.

Initially, I learned all I could about SEO by subscribing to mailing lists, downloading (free and paid) ebooks on the subject. Now I have 4 years experience in the field, which is an obvious asset. Yet I am constantly updating myself about the emerging trends in the industry, so that I can offer the best to clients at all times.

  1. Surround Yourself With the Best People..…And Value Them

Hire only A+ people for your business. It is the best investment.

As the business slowly picks up and you get progressively busier, you need help. It is a fact that “If you pay peanuts, you will get  monkeys”.

Make sure that you hire the best talent around. The premium you pay for them is more worthy than what money would save.

Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to my team.

  1. 6. There is no Substitute for Great Customer Service

A listening attitude and a smiling face are great customer service assets.

Getting the first customer is a big deal, no doubt, but it is more important to retain him and ensure that he/she spreads the word about you. And this is possible only via great customer service.

And indeed, there is no substitute for great customer service.

At Quantum SEO Labs, we are strongly committed to customer service. We offer bespoke SEO packages to clients, customized to their specific needs. We maintain open communication channels with customers and I am personally available by phone or email or by any other means to cater to their questions and queries at all times. 

  1. Win Confidence and Trust of the Customers

Not the right customer service attitude

Customer service is much more than delivering what the customer wants. You have to move a step ahead and win the confidence and trust of the customers. And this happens only if you genuinely care about what you do and sincerely want the best for your customers.

For instance, at Quantum SEO Labs, customer service is not about just implementing the right SEO strategies. We constantly monitor the effects of our work and make sure that the search engine rankings of our customers’ websites are consistently high.

We factor in the latest Google algorithm changes into our SEO strategies. We are happy to say that our (customers’) websites have been completely immune to the recent Google Panda and Penguin upheavals that several websites experienced.

All these factors are essential for any business and contribute towards winning the confidence and trust of customers.

  1. Set Realistic Customer Expectations

Set realistic customer expectations to avoid later disappointments.

This is a tricky area, but an important one to succeed in business. You often find that when people come to you, they have very erroneous expectations about what you can deliver.

For instance, in case of SEO, there are many who feel that once the strategies are implemented, it translates into overnight top rankings and instant surge of traffic and greater business. Well the truth is obviously not this.

At Quantum SEO Labs, we make it a point to set realistic expectations for the customers. We try and explain (in the simplest terms) how SEO works, how it takes time and consistent efforts to get high rankings and how there are always external factors like Google algorithm changes, the competitive SEO environment, beyond our control that can impact SEO.

In my opinion, customers appreciate the frankness and it further cements the impression that you are the expert (in the area) and are confident of what you are doing.

  1. Never Compromise on Ethics
Having customers who want you to compromise on ethics is not a great scenario

Quantum SEO Labs is a 100% white hat SEO oriented company. We do get black hat SEO requests on and off by people, who want the quick route to the top. We politely but firmly refuse such requests.

It is clear that ‘white hat SEO’ is a core principle at Quantum SEO Labs and we are adhering to it at all costs. Period.

  1. Don’t Get Complacent
The road ahead is unexplored and full of promises. I intend to keep learning and moving ahead.

Gradually, the business builds. Clients see the positive results of your work. They decide to continue with you. They recommend you to friends and acquaintances. The number of clients starts increasing.

It is easy to get complacent and this will affect the quality of your work. Guard against this. Treat every new (and old) customer as unique and special and strive towards offering maximum value to them each time and every time.

And one way to do this is to never stop learning. I am not talking only about the latest industry updates. While these are important, there is so much more you can learn from your work itself. In the past three years, Quantum SEO Labs has been fortunate to work with clients in different niches and from different countries. And each of these experiences has been a treasure trove of learning and experience for me and my team.

I intend to continue the same way. For what I learn today is valuable input for tomorrow.


In conclusion, these are the important lessons I learned in my journey towards earning the first million dollars for Quantum SEO Labs.

Having worked with more than 450 clients in different niches across 15+ countries, Quantum SEO Labs has allowed me to explore and implement various SEO strategies. The team at Quantum SEO Labs will leverage this rich experience to offer maximum value to existing and new clients.

Do you have an SEO query or want an unbiased report on the current SEO status of your website. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help you out.

I do hope you are inspired by this post. Share it if you found it of value. And do let me know your own experiences in this area.

5 Ways SEO Will Change in the Future

worried about the future

Trying to predict the future is a great deal like playing James Bond’s favorite casino game, baccarat – ultimately, you might guess correctly but then again, you could also lose your shirt and end up with nothing to show for your efforts. By the way, if you’re not familiar with baccarat, it’s basically a game where it’s almost pure chance and there is very little skill involved (unlike blackjack, which can be predicted by someone who knows math).

Anyway, while some of my predictions could end up being way off (Isaac Asimov famously predicted we’d have mile high skyscrapers and humanoid like robots by now), I believe that at least some of my predictions may come true (for example, Robert Heinlein predicted the World Wide Web back in the early 1980s in one of his last books, Friday).

My predictions are hopefully not going to be quite as fantastical as all that, but I do believe I have a good enough grasp of where SEO is going to be able to give you some guidance over the next year or two so that you can plan accordingly for the future.


It’s Going to Be Harder than Ever

zen buddhist

...And you need a guru to guide you through it.

This one should be obvious but too many fake SEO “experts” try to pretend that it’s not the case and they sell packages for a few dollars and claim it will solve all of your SEO problems. This is simply not the case.

Back when SEO first started, it was pretty easy – you stuffed your keyword meta tags with keywords you wanted to target and watched the traffic roll in. Then, Google came along and changed the whole game. They ignored the keywords and focused on what was actually written in your content. Of course, this lead to a host of different ways of gaming the system which today we know as “black hat SEO.”

However, even if you stick just to the so called “white hat SEO,” which by the way is not truly “white hat” (more on that in a moment), you could still run into problems because Google and the other search engines are simply not interested in seeing people trying to game the system, even if they build “legitimate” links back to their websites.

This is why I say that what we call “white hat” SEO is really more like “grey hat SEO.” In essence, when you do SEO, you are by definition trying to game the system and make your website appear higher in the search engine rankings. You may do this by building plenty of legitimate links back to your website, you may do this by putting up guest posts on lots of blogs and you may think that you are following a “white hat” SEO path but you’d be wrong.

Officially, all these things are still not what Google wants. Officially, they want only purely organic links. The point of looking at links was supposed to be that it counted as a “vote” for your website. The more prominent the site that linked to your website, the better the “vote” that you were getting from that link. By creating links, any kind of links, you are in essence “buying” a vote.

Mind you, Google and the other search engines understand this and tolerate it to a point. They know that people do this and as long as you do it in a way which doesn’t come across as being super spammy (i.e. building thousands of links on low quality “junk” sites), they tolerate it. However, at the same time, ideally, they’d love to eliminate this altogether.

That’s the idea behind the Penguin and Panda updates – the idea was that Google would try as much as possible to eliminate SEO efforts where you build links artificially, even if you do it in what has commonly come to be called a “white hat SEO” way.

That’s why I say that SEO is only going to get harder in the future – as long as you are trying to continue to “game” the system, you will have to find new and better ways to make your links appear as if they are natural and organic. Thus, SEO is becoming more and more of an art form and less and less something that just anyone can accomplish with a few clicks of a mouse.

Link Diversity Is Going to be More Important than Ever

Think about what I just mentioned above about SEO getting harder to do. Remember that ultimately, when you do SEO, your job is in essence to “game” the system in a way that doesn’t appear spammy. Okay, so how does one not appear “spammy” when they are gaming the system? Simple – they make their efforts look completely natural.

Now, think about link bait (i.e. articles or other content which naturally attract lots and lots of links from people because your stuff is interesting and something people want to actually tell their friends about). You’ll see links from all kinds of different websites. You’ll see links on blogs, news sites, wiki sites (where it’s appropriate to the subject matter), social media, web 2.0, and video sites. In other words, pretty much all over the web.

If you are determined to make your links look similar to those that naturally occur (i.e. organic links), then you are going to have to look for extreme link diversity. No longer should your efforts be focused exclusively on high PR do follow websites. Sure you need those too and they are still vitally important, however, those should not be the only place that your links appear.

By the same token however, there is one place where your links absolutely should not be appearing because those kinds of links are never naturally created – that’s on the spammy junk websites which exist solely to offer up additional links to various websites all over the web. Again, the point here is that you want your stuff to appear natural.

Now before anyone jumps on me about this, let me be clear that I’m not saying that SEO experts shouldn’t offer you packages of high PR links on quality websites. However, what I am saying is that going forward, if you want to continue to do SEO, you should be focusing on making your stuff appear as natural as possible and that means not completely ignoring PR0 and PRN/A websites.

Google and the Search Engines May Become Less Important

scary cllown

Scary, isn't it? Everything you knew could be upended.

I know – it’s heresy for me as an SEO expert working for an SEO consultant to say this, but hear me out before you insist that I’m crazy. The fact is that Google and the other search engines have gotten an outsize importance in the world of “making it” online and that’s simply not the way things ought to be. I believe that things will change in the future in this regard, though SEO experts will still be needed.

The first thing I should say is that perhaps the term SEO expert will become somewhat outdated. Instead, perhaps we should be calling ourselves “online traffic experts.” In essence, as a website owner, if you didn’t appear at all in Google’s search listings but you were getting more business than you could possibly handle, would you really care?

In essence, as Google continues to tighten the screws, it may get to the point where trying to get to the top of the Google rankings through SEO efforts will be like trying to get a listing in the DMOZ directory, in other words, pretty well nigh impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a consultant to help you to get the traffic you need. In fact, quite the opposite.

Remember that while millions of people do go to places like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find the website they want to look at, people also do look at hundreds of other websites (and no, I don’t just mean social media sites like Twitter and Facebook).

One person on the Warrior Forum whom I respect a great deal has mentioned on a number of occasions that she completely and utterly ignores Google and is still making money hand over fist. How does she do it? Through article marketing. No, not article directory marketing (i.e. spam the article directories in the hope that enough of your links will get through to raise your rankings). Article marketing.

In essence, article marketing means that you work to get really high quality content that you wrote syndicated onto popular websites and newsletters together with your backlinks in them. The idea is to write truly stellar articles (though video or other media such as infographics and video works too) and then offer them for free to other websites.

Check sometime on your favorite newspaper website and you’ll notice a number of articles come from places like Reuters or Agence-France-Press. These are wire services which provide articles which are already written and which these newspapers are free to republish unchanged.

In essence, by providing the same kind of high quality material, you can get your articles published in various well regarded magazines and newspapers online which will bring in all the traffic you can handle and without the need to worry about Google or Bing at all. Of course, making this happen will mean that you need an entirely new kind of consultant – kind of a post SEO consultant, but you will still need people like me and Yasir who spend all our time learning about these kinds of things.

Social Media with Become Both Less Important and More Important

Huh? I know – I sound like I’ve been drinking or doing drugs with the above statement. While I do enjoy a scotch or a glass of wine every now and again, I can assure you that I haven’t touched the stuff for several days now and am stone cold sober. I’m also quite proud just as an aside, to be able to say that I have never experimented with any kind of narcotics (well except for the prescription kind when I had shingles).

However, that said, the above statement is 100% accurate. These days, people are going crazy about social media and trying to find every which way to wring as many links as possible out of social media. The thing is, these kinds of links are not terribly difficult to get and the web is rife with offers to buy and sell links on “influential” Twitter and Facebook accounts for just a few dollars.

Because of this, I believe that such links will become less and less of a “vote” as far as Google and the other search engines are concerned. True influencers will of course continue to count for something (i.e. if Stephen Colbert tweets about you, then it’s worth something even for Google and the search engines), but the “influencers” you’ve never heard of will become less important.

On the other hand, I believe that social media is here to stay and will become important as a way to generate traffic. In essence, instead of being an indicator that your site is worth looking at on Google, I believe more and more links will come directly from social media and that you will see more and more direct traffic from these sources.

Again, the role of an SEO expert is changing from pure SEO to being more of an “online traffic expert.” This is just a part of it.

SEO Will Continue to Evolve

Finally, the best prediction of the future of SEO is that it’s unpredictable. Nobody knows for certain what will happen in the world of SEO going forward except that it will continue to be important. No matter how you slice it, the web is here to stay and competition for eyeballs will only get more and more fierce.

Thus, whether we are called search engine optimization experts or online traffic experts, we’ll continue to need to learn about changes in the online world and we’ll continue to have pay close attention if we want to continue to make money online, which is after all the ultimate goal that we all share.

5 Reasons Your SEO Package Needs to Be Custom Tailored for You


If this is how your SEO efforts have felt until now, it's probably because you didn't get the right SEO consultant to custom tailor your efforts.

I’ve written about this before but it’s worthwhile to discuss this once again. Go and pay a visit to the Warrior Forum and there are hundreds of SEO “experts” who will sell you various packages of links for your website.  In some cases, these link packages could damage your site’s credibility with Google.

In other cases, they are worthless. In all cases though, if your package is not custom tailored to your site, you are simply wasting time, money and effort because you will never achieve the kind of success that you want. Here’s what you need to know:

It Starts with Picking the Right Keywords

The first thing that you need from a quality SEO consultant is help with picking keywords to target. Sure you could use the Adwords tool to find appropriate keywords. Heck, you could use something like Market Samurai or Brad Callen’s Niche Finder as well, but that’s only part of the story about picking the right keywords.

You see, the other half of this is to sort through the data that you get – no matter which service you use, you’ll get a raw list of keywords which may or may not be appropriate to your website’s needs. You need to know how to sift through those keywords and actually decide on which ones will actually attract customers who have money to buy a product.

A great example of this which I’ve illustrated in the past is the generic keyword as opposed to the specific keyword. For example, you may be selling laptop computers. Now your first instinct may be to try to rank for the term “laptop computer” (or possibly ultrabook or netbook as the case may be). This would however be a mistake.

The people searching for those terms are often just starting out their search for information if they want to make a purchase at all. They want to know more about their options and they are not necessarily ready to buy. Those who search for something more specific, say Lenovo ultrabook are more likely to be the people who are going to make a purchase. Those searching for a specific brand name more likely still.

There are other factors of course, such as the issue of the word “review” in the keyword or “cheap” and the like – all these things make a difference and an expert SEO consultant can help you pick just the right keywords for your needs. The cheap packages by comparison simply ask you for a keyword and then plug it into their automated software which publishes it on your behalf.

The Right Links Matter Too

I own several software programs which are designed to allow me to largely automate the process of grabbing links. I can post links on forums, blog comment sections, social media and web 2.0 properties with ease with all the products I own. However, just because I have this ability doesn’t mean that it makes sense for me to publish 5,000 links on blog comments alone.

An expert SEO consultant will understand that links are not created equal and especially in a world of the Penguin update (not to mention the new disavow tool which some people predict could have a massive effect on the world of SEO),you need someone who can guide you on which links will be appropriate for you.

For example, in some cases, you may be better off getting fewer links but purchasing them on larger numbers of different kinds of websites (wikia, blogs, forums, social media, web 2.0 etc.) so that they are more spread out and actually appear to be worthwhile.

It’s also important to have someone who can tailor your package for your particular website. Too often, these cheap link deals offer you the generic garbage links which say “great website. I learned a lot.” These kinds of links are often deleted as spam and the websites which do publish them tend to be the kind that you really don’t want your links to appear on in a Penguin world.

It also matters where your links get placed. For example, if your link is placed on an inside page which has no value, then you will simply not be able to get much benefit from it even if the primary domain happens to be a PR6.

Finally, an SEO expert will understand what it takes to make your links sticky so that they will not simply disappear into the ether of the Internet but will instead stick around and actually provide you with real value for your money.

Different Businesses Need Different Strategies

paying lip service

Lots of cheap SEO package companies pay lip service to being on your side, but few actually make the effort to get to know your business.

While my primary job is still writing, I have recently branched out into website development as well, working with WordPress as the basis for my efforts. Now why am I telling you this? It’s not because I’m trying to advertise my services but instead to illustrate a point: different kinds of businesses need vastly different kinds of websites and vastly different SEO efforts.

A good example of how this works from my end (which will segue nicely into the SEO end of things which Yasir does so well) is that I have in my arsenal a plugin which I offer to my customers called Rich Snippet Testimonials. It’s designed to improve your rankings in the search results and while anyone could benefit from it, it’s most useful to those with local businesses.

Now this is what I mean about different kinds of businesses needing different methods of doing SEO – if you run a local business, your needs are vastly different from those of a national or web only business. For example, if you run a local locksmith company in Los Angeles, you don’t need someone from Boise finding your website. It would be a waste of their time and your money for bandwidth and SEO.

How does a professional SEO consultant help with this? Simple – they personalize your efforts to your particular industry. This means that as a locksmith in LA, you would want someone who can help you target keywords specific to LA. You also want to build up the testimonials listing in your Google Places listing (which is why I mentioned the product above).

In addition to all this, different kinds of businesses, even if they are exclusively web based will need different forms of SEO. A blog which relies on referral traffic for example (i.e. you sell advertising on your website) needs a different kind of effort than a website which sells a robot vacuum cleaner.

The former may need to have a strong presence in industry specific forums where they are answering questions and getting their website mentioned in the comments section. The latter may require more comments on blogs which focus on the needs of busy professionals who are trying not to spend money on hiring a made to do the job they need done at home.

It also goes without saying that your needs will be different depending on the scope of your company. Thus for example, Geico may well want to target a keyword like “car insurance” while the local insurance agency which is licensed to resell products in New York City will be much more likely to want to target local listings. Again, this is something a professional SEO consultant can help with but that the big impersonal services which just sell you a package would be at a loss to offer to you.

Your Website May Need Tweaking As Well

Here’s another place that many, many people make a massive mistake – they assume that they don’t need anyone to evaluate their website and help them to build it up so that it has the right elements to attract additional traffic. This is just a terrible idea and is bound to cause you all manner of headaches down the road. Here’s what you need to know:

The first thing you need to be concerned about is how fast your website loads up. This is actually a consideration for more than just whether or not your customers will have a good experience (and remember that it is entirely possible that your customers may decide to look elsewhere if the website loads too slowly). Another issue is directly related to SEO.

The issue of slow loading websites with SEO is that Google’s search spiders are busy. They have billions of web pages to index and they don’t have the time to sit around waiting for your fancy flash presentation or Java based introduction to load up. Nor will they stick around if you put out massive photos which take forever to load up and which bog the system down. This means that your website will not get indexed properly and you will lose your rankings.

Another important point is that you do need to make sure there are descriptions, keywords and more on your website which are all important in seeing to it that your site gets properly indexed. These things can have a huge effect on you even though Google doesn’t officially count such things in their rankings algorithm anymore. The reason is simple – Google does display your description and some smaller search engines still index keywords as well.

Finally, the general layout of your website needs to be well put together as well. This part is more art form than science, but a professional SEO consultant will be able to tell you whether or not your layout looks good or looks like a reject from the 1990s (and while nobody will be talking about bayonets and horses, you may want something which doesn’t look like an amateur hour job from the early days of the web).

You Don’t Have an Unlimited Budget


We'll assume you're not one of the bigwigs who does have unlimited funds to waste on useless SEO efforts...

Finally, this may sound a bit counterintuitive at first, given the proliferation of cheap SEO link packages that abound on the web, but in all honesty, you’re very likely to save money by using a professional SEO consultant instead of trying to use one of those link packages from Fiverr (or even from an independent SEO website). Here’s what you need to know:

First, let’s get this out of the way: yes, those Fiverr packages are attractive and I have in fact used Fiverr on occasion for some great projects which came out quite nice. However, one thing I would never do is to use those Fiverr packages for providing backlinks to a website.  Sure they seem like they’re a great deal but in reality, they tend to be a waste of money because they will either do nothing or worse get you a Penguin penalty.

It’s also possible to go pretty crazy with purchasing SEO packages from various websites, always thinking that this one is going to be the one that will finally get me to number one. Ultimately however, all you’re doing in most cases is wasting money. It would be quicker and less painful to simply take your money and burn it in a fireplace (in many cases though certainly not in all cases).

By comparison, when you work with a professional SEO consultant, you can tell him what your monthly budget is and he can help you to work out a plan for getting your website well ranked and making money for you. It will take some time and it’s not an instantaneous thing where you’ll see the rankings go up immediately, but you will see steady improvement and you won’t break the bank while doing it.

Bottom Line

Look, we know there are lots of choices of places where you can get your SEO work done and we know that you can go to Fiverr and buy cheap packages of links. However, ultimately, unless you are yourself an expert on SEO and really know what you need done, you will likely be wasting your time and your money. Do yourself a favor and check on the credentials of anyone you start with for SEO work before you hire them. To quote one of my favorite TV characters, you’ll thank me later.

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