SEO can provide a webmaster with a lot of business over the internet, only if it is does in the right way. Unfortunately, most people do not fully understand how SEO works and thus cannot fully capitalize on its strength.
The majority of webmasters undertaking SEO to get their websites ranked high in the search engines meet failure for a lot of reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:
1. Lack of basic SEO knowledge: If you have at least the basic SEO knowledge, you can reduce your expenses by a lot. Because most people simply do not take the time to know what factors come into play in off-site and on-site SEO, they provide little value to their website. Having a good knowledge of SEO always goes a long way.
2. Targeting the wrong keywords: A major portion of SEO revolves around keywords. The problem is, most people do not really understand which keywords to go for in the beginning. For example, a newbie starts a website featuring guitar videos. From the beginning, he tries to rank high for the keywords “guitar videos”, not knowing that he would be competing with 25.1 million search results. He spends a considerable amount of money on SEO and dont not get a single visitors, because his website is not ranked high enough. Had he gone with a longtail keyword phrase such as “watch guitar video lessons”, he would compete with only 11 million results, increasing his chances of ranking higher.
3. Lack of adequate capital: A lot of webmasters, when starting out, want to rank high for quite competitive phrases with only a $500 budget. This is nearly impossible to do, unless you have superior knowledge of SEO. Competitive phrases take time and money to rank high for, especially if you are outsourcing your SEO .
4. Spending on tasks which anyone can do: A lot of webmasters pay outside companies $100-250 for every 200 or 400 submissions to article directories. They can easily save the recurring cost by buying a specialized article submitter for around $167. Once the initial investment is made, the user can do countless submissions for free. A lot of people do not realize that they are spending money on the wrong things.
5. They think SEO is a one-time thing: Most webmasters buy SEO services once or twice, and when they do not get any results, they stop SEO altogether, thinking it does not work. SEO is never a one-time thing. Think of it as a marketing tactic. You have to keep improving your inbound links and on-site SEO to rank higher.
6. SEO courses tell only part of the story: Most SEO courses out there convince the reader that they are quite simple to do. In many SEO courses, only a portion of the techniques are covered, making the SEO process look very easy to do. It is only when the user starts following the advice does he get to know that the process can be quite lengthy and fuitless in the beginning.