Wizard hat -- unique article wizardUnique Article wizard, put simply, is a way to help you get backlinks through article directories. As anyone involved in the SEO world knows, getting backlinks is the key to success on the web. The trouble is, it’s a royal pain to get backlinks since it’s so time consuming (that’s one reason many bloggers fail to make money – they give up too easily).
The Manual Way to Do It
The manual way to work with article directories is to write an article, submit it to a directory or blog that takes such submissions and then write another one, do the same thing, keep doing it over and over again. It’s a very tedious, very boring job because you basically have to find a hundred different ways to say the same thing.
Another Way to Do Submissions
I can tell you from personal experience, having worked for some sites that ask for such material, you’ll feel like you want to tear your hair out (and anyone who has seen a picture of me knows I don’t have it to tear out). I was looking into other options when I found Unique Article Wizard.
While I have yet to try it myself (I haven’t got the money for it right now), I think I have a good handle on what it is and how it’s supposed to be used as opposed to how many people actually do use it (any readers who use it and have had experience with it, please feel free to comment with your experiences. I’d love to know what you thought.).
UAW Works Through Article Spinning
Here’s something they don’t tell you anywhere on the Unique Article Wizard website: if you want to make this system work for you, you can’t go and write articles the way you usually write them. This is a function of how UAW does its job.
Basically, what UAW does is to take three versions of an article you wrote, spin them to create dozens or even hundreds of unique versions and then submit them to blogs and article directories all over the Internet.
The Traditional Way
Most article spinners work by asking you to write in a way that makes something spinnable. So for example, I could write “SEO is a great way |Search engine optimization is an awesome way | to get rankings in Google | to build up your website in Google.”
Basically, the pipe (|) indicates that the sentence should be spun at those points. The thing is, no one naturally writes that way and trying to write dozens of articles that way gives people headaches. Plus, inevitably, you end up with sentences that make no sense.
What UAW Does Instead
UAW has a less unique spinning process. They spin paragraphs instead of sentences. What this means is that you write three versions of an article, with each paragraph saying roughly the same thing and then UAW will take the three versions and spin them into dozens or hundreds of versions by mixing and matching different paragraphs.
The result is generally much more readable, if it’s done right, but it’s also less unique than the old spinning method.
Why It Doesn’t Work for Some People
Do a Google search for Unique Article Spinner Review and almost everyone sings their praises and says how wonderful they are.
However, I dug a little deeper since I don’t have personal experience to draw on for this article and found some people who were very disappointed with the service. Now here is my theory why it didn’t work for them:

  1. They didn’t give it enough time. Like any other backlinking method known to mankind, it takes a long time to build rank. You need months, not days and not weeks to see results. One blogger who complained said he was by nature an impatient person. I’m betting he didn’t give it enough time.
  1. They didn’t write the articles correctly. Most people naturally write very long paragraphs and have trouble writing three paragraphs that say the same thing in roughly the same amount of space without repeating themselves. So, if you have four paragraphs and they don’t really match up well, you’re not going to get good unique content.

Here’s an example of what (I think) you should be doing to make Unique Article Wizard work for you. It’s three short paragraphs that say the same thing, but with different words. If you can have 10 paragraphs like these in your articles, then you can effectively spin them and get unique results which really do make sense:
I’m a professional freelance writer. I’ve been doing this job for about six years now and I absolutely love doing what I do because I get to write about things I’m interested in every single day. Sure it can get boring sometimes, but I happen to enjoy learning new things and because of that, I think the research involved in this job is a great for me.
For the past six years, I’ve been a freelancer in the world of content writing and journalism. It’s a job that I cherish because I get to do something interesting and unique every day of my life. I do think however that you need to really love learning about new things, like I do since a big part of this job is research. Otherwise, it can get to be pretty boring.
Freelance writing is something I’m passionate about. I must be – I’ve been doing it for six years. As a freelancer, I’ve been able to do something most people only dream about – having no two days the same. What I mean is that even though I spend every day writing, I also spend every day learning about new things to write about so I never feel bored.
As you can see, I basically wrote the same thing over and over again, but in three completely different ways and in roughly the same number of words. I believe that’s the way to make Unique Article Wizard work for you. You need to make sure your paragraphs can be interchanged with each other easily and you need to keep your paragraphs short so that there is enough material for spinning.
Bottom Line
Bottom line, I do think Unique Article Writer can be useful for you, if you use it correctly. If you don’t use it correctly, I think you’ll find it’s an utter and absolute waste of time and money, much like anything else you might consider using for backlink building and SEO.