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Is TubeMogul a spammers tool?

One of the best ways to get your message out to the masses is to use do it. Now while YouTube is of course the most dominant place to send out videos to, it’s certainly not the only option out there. In fact, there are dozens of websites that distribute video and all of them have potential to let you grab additional eyeballs.
Plus, because those other websites aren’t YouTube, you have a better chance to make it to the top since, unlike search engines, videos must all be manually uploaded to the sites in question and those other sites get less content than YouTube does.
This means that those who are determined to get their message out can do so to more people in a shorter amount of time. Of course, there is a catch – it’s time consuming to send your video to all these sites.
Enter TubeMogul
The other day, I wrote about Social Oomph and HootSuite as options for getting your message out to dozens of social networks and social bookmarking websites. In essence, what those services do for you is allow you to send out your message at one time to dozens of sites.
For those who want to do the same thing with video, there is TubeMogul. Now I’m not quite clear how TubeMogul works because they seem to have changed their system recently. They have a service called OneLoad which offers to distribute your video for free to dozens of sites, however, their primary focus now seems to be on selling advertising packages.
Is It Spamming?
In a way, this is a form of spamming, however, in a way, it’s not at all spamming. It simply depends on how you look at it. The argument to say it’s spamming is that you are in essence placing the same video in dozens of places all over the Internet. If you did that using articles, you might well be accused of spamming since you are creating duplicate content in dozens of places.
However, the flip side of the coin is that video is still maturing online and, because video is harder to catalogue for search, it’s considered to be not such a spammy thing to send out your video to dozens of sites. The bottom line, even if some may consider it spamming, for now it seems to make good sense from an SEO perspective.
There are actually several alternatives to TubeMogul if you don’t happen to want to use their services. One of the more popular ones is PixelPipe which in essence does the same thing. In addition to that, SENuke X and Rank Builder offer video submissions as part of the package of features that they offer.