Web newsletter via Email
I wrote the other day about why it’s so important to have a mailing list to begin with. It’s still the best sales vehicle you’ll have for making money online. However, simply deciding that you want to have a mailing list isn’t enough. You also have to arrange to set up a mailing list on your blog or website.
For those who want an easy, turnkey solution, which costs a bit of money, you may want to consider working with a service such as Aweber or Mailchimp which will help you set up everything automatically and will arrange to send out whatever you want to your mailing list whenever you need to.
However, if you have a WordPress based blog, one of the following 5 plugins may be the perfect option for you since some are free and all are well integrated with your blog:
WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin
Probably the most popular free plugin for setting up a mailing list from your blog, this system include a very full feature set, including custom subscription forms (where you get to choose which information you want to collect from your visitors), scheduled Email blasts, either text or HTML so you can send whatever you want and more.
The nice thing is that unlike some of the other plugins here, it doesn’t rely on using a third party service such as Mailchimp or Aweber. You set it up on your blog and use your own mail server to send out the Emails. Just make sure that you’re not spamming anyone when you use it.
ALO EasyMail Newsletter
Similar to the plugin above, this one will offer you a few additional features. It can pull blog posts or other content from your blog to send out automatically or you can send Emails which have been customized with your own text.
I recommend you send something unique so that people still have a reason to visit the blog as well as reading your newsletter. Ideally, what you send out to people should not only be something they’ll look forward to reading each month, but it should also be something which will provide them a reason to drop by your blog so they can click on more ads.
The basic version of this plugin is free and lets you send out newsletters in XHTML format. However, if you want to unlock the full power of this plugin, you will need to spend the money for the “pro” version plugins.
There are two of them, one of which costs 5 euros, and gives you an export feature (which lets you export your list as a standard text file to be read in your favorite spreadsheet program). The other pro feature on offer costs 29 euros and will let you schedule when to send out posts.
Aweber Integration
Exactly what it sounds like, this plugin lets you make it even easier to use Aweber to send out Emails to your mailing list. The catch? You have to pay for the Aweber service.
MailChimp Widget
Similar to the plugin above, this allows your blog to more easily integrate with the paid MailChimp Email list system. Again, you’ll need to pay for Mailchimp (though they do have a limited version of their system which is available for free for those doing lightweight Email lists).