These days, Internet marketing is not an option but an absolute necessity. You need to have a comprehensive plan for getting your product out there in front of the customers who will want to buy it. “Okay, I know that already,” you’re saying. “But I know nothing about Internet marketing. What can I do?”
Well, you have two options: First, you could hire a professional freelancer to do the job for you — and there are definitely numerous advantages to doing so. However, not everyone has the money to spend for a professional Internet marketing campaign.
In those cases, you really need the second option which is to find some way of learning about how it’s done so you can do it yourself. In that case you need to visit some forums.
What Kind of Forum Do I Need?
You probably spend a great deal of time in forums already. Whatever your particular interest is, be it movies, basketball or ballet dancing, there are numerous forums where people get together online to discuss their interests. Similarly, there are hundreds of forums online that offer to help you learn about Internet marketing.
We’ve gathered here a list of the three best forums for Internet marketing and, in order to offer you more focus in your quest for knowledge, we’ve broken the list down into a list of three “specialties” (well, really two because the first one is just good for pretty much everything).
Overall: Warrior Forum
Ask anyone who is serious about Internet marketing for their list of the top five forums online and they will inevitably put Warrior Forum either in first place or at the very least somewhere in the top five. This forum is a monster with literally everything you could possibly want to know.
There are sub-forums devoted to affiliate marketing, copywriting, social media, pay per click, virtually anything you could imagine. If they do have a specialty it’s helping people to find partnerships for their online ventures, though really, this forum focuses on the whole enchilada.
Affiliate Marketing: Wicked Fire
First, if you are easily offended, stay away from this web forum. It is definitely not for the faint of heart and anyone dropping by without knowing anything about things like pay per click and affiliate marketing schemes who fails to read previous threads will be unceremoniously kicked to the virtual curb.
However, like most forums on the Internet, you don’t necessarily need to join in order to read. Read everything here about pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing campaigns. Many of the people here have earned piles of cash from their work and they share that knowledge here. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about before you post.
WebHosting: V7 Forum
You simply will not be successful selling things on the Internet without running a killer web site that gets people in the door and gets them excited about making purchases. Probably the best place to learn about running a web site online is the well established v7 forum which offers a wealth of information for anyone who runs their own web site and actually wants to make a living doing by using Internet marketing to do so.