Squeeze oranges -- squeeze page

Let me state right up front that I personally despise squeeze pages with a passion. Maybe it’s because I’m working at building my own blog and have seen hundreds of squeeze pages for products with prices ranging from $5 to $2,700 but I’m sick to death of seeing them. That said, the squeeze page is one of the most important things you can do to sell products online.
Go into Google and do a search for the term “make money online.” Try about half a dozen of the resulting pages and it’s more than likely you’ll come across a squeeze page. In essence, it’s a one page website which includes a video at the top, a rather long explanation down below, a “60 day ironclad money back guarantee” and an order form.
You’ll also often see testimonials from people who have sworn that the system is the best damn thing since sliced bread and that it’s just amazing how the money comes in so fast that you can’t handle it without a shovel. Are you getting the picture? In essence, a squeeze page is a place to squeeze you to get you to buy a product.
Why It Works
Human psychology is generally skewed toward those who are “risk averse.” This means that most people don’t like to take unnecessary risks. At the same time, human psychology is also geared toward wanting the easy life, to find a way to make the millions we all dream of making. A good squeeze page combines these two elements.
In essence, it will on the one hand pull you in with proof that the system being sold really works (it’s most commonly used for making money online ideas, but it can be used for pretty much any product you care to promote – even a vacuum cleaner could use a squeeze page).
The proof is often screenshots from Clickbank or PayPal to show that the person selling the product has made gobs of money from it all himself.
Then, for the risk averse, it includes an “ironclad 60 day guarantee” which lets you get a full, no questions asked refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.
How to Make a Squeeze Page
There are actually free squeeze page templates on the Internet. I found one on the Warrior Forum. They all pretty much look the same and include similar features. It has a video up top, followed by bullet points showing off why the product is great. Then, you add in some testimonials and the guarantee.
Finally, at the very bottom, you add in the price. This is actually important because the idea is to make you experience all the magic and wonder of having money falling from the sky before you find out what it will cost you.
They Do Work
Now don’t let my sourpuss attitude about squeeze pages fool you. They really do work and they really get good conversions (i.e. sales). Many people report as much as 50% conversions for their squeeze pages if they are written correctly.
I think I’ve just been inundated with way too many of them lately to actually care for them much anymore. Or maybe I’m weird and just don’t want to earn millions of dollars the easy way…