So why use Scroogle? A little bit of a background is in order in order to explain what the service does.:
One of the big problems that most people have with SEO is figuring out exactly whether or not they really are gaining the rankings that they think they’re getting. The problem is with how Google works on an individual level – it works by personalizing your own results to what it thinks you want to see as opposed to what people in general see.

Cookies and Personal Settings

In standard Google, both cookies and your personal settings (along with the new plus 1 service) determine what you’ll see. Therefore, if you were regularly searching for your own site, you’re more likely to see your own site even though it may not be showing up in the general search results that everyone might see.

Rankings in Other Countries

Another thing that’s impossible to ascertain, though it may not be as important to some people involved in the SEO community is what their rankings are like in other languages and in other countries. You may want to know about this if your site is an international one, one which offers services and products which people all over the world may want to see.

Proxy Services

One of the ways that people get around this problem is by using proxy services. For example, is a good way to see what your rankings are like without Google’s service interfering. The thing is, doesn’t offer you all the other countries as well. Scroogle does do that.

More than Just a Proxy

Scroogle is more than just a proxy service. It also actively prevents Google from setting cookies by deleting them regularly and randomly assigning IP addresses each time you send through a query. This makes it the ideal way to check on your SEO rankings, much more so than if you were to simply delete cookies or even use a service like

Check Other Countries Too

In addition to the fact that Scroogle is specifically designed to allow those interested in SEO to do the job that they find difficult with standard Google, it also allows you to check rankings in localized Google results. Again, this may not be relevant to everyone, but it’s nice to know that you can set it to 28 different languages so that you can see how your rankings look in say Sweden or Japan.

How to Use Scroogle

Basically, you just go to the Scroogle website and select a language you’d like to search in. Then, you can use the system to enter your search query and see the results. The software doesn’t save results though, so be sure to keep track of what you find there. Also, if you find Scroogle helpful, feel free to give them a donation since they are completely donor supported. Good luck and happy SEOing.