A lot of webmasters try to rank high only for their webpages which contain text and pictures. A different idea, which is still quite unsaturated is to rank high in Google for your videos! Many people simply do not try to rank high for their videos is because they either do not have the time or the motivation to create videos.
I will be honest, I cannot create a single video to save my life! If I were to ever create a video, I would have to get it outsourced.
Still, this method is very lucrative if you know what you are doing. Here is how you do it in a nutshell:
1. Make a video related to your niche or product
2. Do a keyword research and optimize your video title and tags for the keywords.
3. Submit to www.tubemogul.com
4. Enjoy!
But to make the process even more easy, here are 2 videos I saw on YouTube, which make doing this a piece of cake.
If you want to get thousands of visitors to your website, watch these videos religiously.
Part 1: The method

Part 2: The results