video creation servicesI’m a very big proponent of building a library of videos for your website; regardless of what you sell, you can only benefit from having a health library of videos. However, the question of whether you should spend the money for video creation services is one that’s difficult to answer. A great deal depends on your advertising budget and on your own skill in working with various video creation services.

Why Video?

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, it’s important to include video in your repertoire of tools for getting traffic to your website. Aside from the fact that video allows you to gather more viewers to your site through services like YouTube and other video services, video also tends to keep people hanging out on your website much longer, meaning that you are that much more likely to earn money from your site.

But Do You Need to Use Video Creation Services?

Let me put it this way for those who need a quick answer to this question: the question of whether you need to use video creation services is much the same as the question of whether you need to use someone to create your website. Building a website is definitely doable for someone with a reasonable level of sophistication in using most kinds of software. It doesn’t require heavy coding or super specialized knowledge to create something fancy.
Similarly, basic video creation is also reasonably easy to do for someone who can handle software programs of all kinds. It is even possible to use a program like Microsoft Windows Live! Movie Maker to edit and create a decent looking video and it won’t cost you a penny to use it.

On the Other Hand

However, if you happen to need more sophisticated kinds of videos, it may be necessary to use a video creation service. These services will do more for you than you can do with a basic program like Movie Maker. However, they don’t necessarily need to cost you a fortune. You can use services such as Fiverr to find people who will do much of the work for you on a very inexpensive basis. This is especially useful when you want to create a nice opening sequence.

When You Need Professional (i.e. Expensive) Video Creation Services

Now, all that having been said, there are occasions when you need more than just the basic tools or even someone from Fiverr to make your video look good. When you need sophisticated CGI for example, you may want someone who understands how to use something like Adobe Premier.
You can of course use Adobe Premier yourself (or you can get the more basic Adobe Premier Elements), however these tools do take a lot more knowledge than something like Movie Maker. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable with this kind of software, it may well be a good idea to consider hiring a real video creation service which will be able to help you build a really slick video.