Research and statistics show that around 95% of the websites out there get little to no traffic. It doesnt come as a surprise then that the websites which do get traffic are successful in a major way. How do some websites seem to get a lot of traffic while others do not?
The answer is: With higher rankings and links, your traffic increases exponentially!
For example, if you are stuck on page two of the search results for a specific keyword phrase, you can bet that you will recieve no traffic. But you check and are astounded to know that the number one website on the search results gets as many as 1000 visits a day. The second and third search results get 500 and 200 daily visitors respectively.
The problem is, webmasters are always stuck on the second or third page of search results. They think that because they are so close to the top rankings, rest of the work is a piece of cake.
Stats show that they are wrong: It takes more effort to rise from position 10 to position 1 than it takes to rise from position 200 to position 30.
The reason is that the websites ranking at the top have done much more than is “needed” to keep their top placements.
How can you overcome them? By sheer SEO & link building power.
Do not be like the 95% webmasters out there who land on the 2nd page of the search results and give up. Although you need to make a huge amount of effort to rank at the top, the payoffs can be well worth it!