spamTake a look around the Digital Point forums or the Warrior Forum and you could be forgiven for wondering if these sites are basically about promoting spam. Want to find even more about promoting spam? Check out the Black Hat World forums. After all, the essence of black hat SEO is in fact spam. However, in spite of that, I don’t believe that these forums are ONLY about promoting spam or even mostly about it. Here’s why:

It’s All about Marketing

The fact is that marketing isn’t necessarily spam (though spam can be a form of marketing). Marketing basically means coming up with the kind of language which will get people to make a purchase. It involves heavy use of human psychology, though the issue of spam doesn’t really enter into the equation.

Spam is Bad for Marketing

In fact, spam is often a bad idea when it comes to Internet marketing simply because of the fact that so many people hate spam. Therefore, it’s considered to be a poor choice when it comes to finding a way to make a sale.

On the Other Hand

However, black hat SEO is mostly (though not all) about promoting spam. The most obvious of black hat SEO techniques involves spamming websites and blogs with links back to your website. This means that you are in essence engaged in spamming when you do this.

But They Don’t Promote Spam, Do They?

Now, as I said above, Black Hat World’s forums will have lots of ideas for spreading spam because of the fact that black hat SEO is so involved with spam. However, I do find that even in places like Warrior Forum, there are strategies discussed about how to get the most automated links possible so as to maximize the number of backlinks you can get to your website.

Responsible Spam

I think however that there is such a thing as responsible spam and irresponsible spam. Responsible spam means that you are using various techniques to get your links out there across the in a responsible manner.
I mean, if you leave a comment here, even if it’s hand written, that is in some cases a form of spam, because most comments don’t really add anything to the conversation (and no, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment – I like to see comments of all kinds, even if it’s just to say thanks for a great post). However, that doesn’t mean it’s spam in the sense of nonsensical garbage which no one wants to know about or read. It’s what I like to call responsible spam.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Internet marketing involves a certain amount of spam. However, I don’t believe that these forums are necessarily promoting spam, at least not irresponsible spam. I also do believe that there is a lot of genuinely valuable information at these sites, so I strongly suggest spending time there if you want to learn more about SEO and Internet marketing.