Google News is a kind of aggregatred newspaper drawn from many news sites.

Google News aggregates news from many different sources. It's like your own custom newspaper.

How would you like to generate thousands of unique visitors to your site every day and get featured in websites such as the New York Times and MSN News? It’s possible by getting yourself listed in Google News. Google News is a news aggregator which gathers together headlines from a variety of sources on a specific topic.
Why People Use Google News
The idea is that if someone is interested in developments for the iPad for example, they can search Google news and find all the most recent news regarding that device.
However, in spite of the fact that you may run a small website which doesn’t seem particularly newsworthy, you too may be able to get yourself listed in this special section of the Google website.
What Does it Take to Get Into Google News?
There are four basic requirements for getting your website listed in Google News:
1.       Your content must be original – If you are simply copying someone else’ material, don’t bother trying to submit to Google News, even if you have a legal right to republish someone else’s material (i.e. if you only republish articles from places like Ezine Articles).
2.       More than One By Line – If you run a blog, you can get into Google News. However you will not get in if everything is written by you. Either find a collaborator or get some users to submit original, high quality content for your blog.
3.       Attribution – If you first heard about something on the New York Times, make sure you mention that. Ditto for news releases.
4.       Fast Load Times — News is transitory. If your web site doesn’t load up quickly, Google News’ web crawlers may not index it. Therefore, you need to be careful about your coding of the web site and keep your pages tight.
You should also remember that you need to ask to be included. No web site is automatically added to the Google News without an official request. It’s also worth noting that while the news is crawled with a webbot, a real live thinking human being makes the decision as to whether to include your site.
Other Useful Tips
Getting into Google News is only the first part of the battle. After your initial introduction into the news aggregator, you’ll still be indexed in the site based on your content, so search engine optimization is important if you want to be seen. This means including keywords in your writing just as you ordinarily would.
It also helps to include images in your writing as the image may very well be what draws people to your article as opposed to someone else’s article. Consider adding video as well, hosted on Youtube if you can as that will improve your odds of getting an article indexed as well.
Finally, a news sitemap, which you can read more about on the Google News site, can be extremely helpful in getting your material indexed into the site. Even if you think you know what a site map is, consider looking it up since a sitemap for Google News is a specialized breed of web design.