Ezine marketing
Finding places to advertise where people really want to read what you have to say is hard; after all, you have PPC, PPV, Facebook ads, direct advertising, however these are all extremely expensive options. Recently however, I’ve been looking into another, lower tech form advertising: Ezine marketing.
Basically, the idea here is that you do one of three things:
1. You Build Your Own Ezine
This one is obvious and something you should be doing anyway. Basically, you should have a mailing list, as I discussed a few days ago here. Then, do something different than most people do with their mailing lists.
What I mean by this is that most people spam their Email lists and make it into something that no one actually wants to read. I know that my spam Email address (I have a special one set aside just for these kinds of Emails) is always clogged with junk and I’ve taken to hitting the spam button rather than ask to be removed from lists.
However, for those who want to do Ezine advertising, your Email list is a perfect place to do it. You can simply send out Ezines to targeted people who actually want to read what you have to say and then include advertising in it. If you actually offer valuable information instead of junk, your stuff will get read and you’ll make sales.
2. You Do Guest Articles in Ezines
This is very similar to guest blogging in that you would be publishing original work on someone else’s property, however in this case, you are doing it with Ezines. The idea is still the same though – you will provide a well written article for the Ezine in question which would then be used to syndicate out to their readership.
While Ezine Articles originally started with this concept, they have since expanded and now appear organically on their own in search engine results and they also see their work syndicated to blogs and the like.
The nice thing about a guest article written directly for an Ezine however is that you can reach the major Ezines, with larger audiences who aren’t interested in rehashing the same material that 500 other blogs and Ezines have posted directly from Ezine Articles.
3. Purchase Advertising in Ezines
Finally, you can do Ezine marketing by purchasing advertising in Ezines. Often, these are cheaper options than buying them on websites or with PPC/PPV services precisely because of the fact that they reach a smaller audience.
However, even though the Ezines reach a smaller audience, they are often better than other forms of advertising because Ezine subscribers have all opted in to receive the Ezine in question meaning that they are very interested in this particular niche.
This can be a very valuable space then for marketing your website or service because of the fact that these people, who are reading Ezines regularly actually want to know what you have to say.