your own dating website/plentyoffish.comThe real question here isn’t about starting your own Plentyoffish.Com. It’s really a question how easy it is to start your own online dating website. Online dating is a very popular niche and a great way to make money online. However, the question is not just about how easy it might be to actually create your own The question is really about how easy it would be to make your website successful. Here’s what you need to know:

The Online Dating Scene

If it seems like every guy and his brother has created a website for online dating, that’s because it’s true – online dating is a great way to make money since people tend to always be looking for love (and usually in all the wrong places – though that’s another story entirely). Online dating has become very much like social networks where it seems like everyone has created their own social network or social bookmarking website.

Creating the Site

Creating the actual website is not something that the average person who doesn’t know anything about website creation can do. You will need to either know how to use advanced website editing tools such as FrontPage or hire someone to do the job.
However, it’s possible to hire someone from a site like Elance or Guru and the cost is likely to be fairly minimal, especially if you can supply the content for the site on your own. This would mean including the questions that need to be asked as well as blog content and the like. If you’re not comfortable doing this either, it is possible to find help with those features as well.

Pick a Niche

Ideally, you should consider picking a niche rather than sticking to a more general format like Plentyoffish.Com. The cost of creating a general website isn’t going to be any more expensive; however it will be exponentially more expensive to do the SEO and advertising work to get a generalized website into the public eye.
Instead, consider trying a specialized site which focuses on a more narrow niche (i.e. Muslim Americans, Jews, gays, handicap people, etc. etc.). Don’t get too specific though as you want to make sure that you’ll have a critical mass of people who are interested in signing up for your website (i.e. a website which promises to help handicapped black Mormon men who live in San Francisco and the surrounding area to find love is probably not going to fly because it’s too specific).

Think about Specialized Questions

Remember as well that your site needs to be different from other ones. This means that you should have your own spin on what will make your site popular with your audience. Another competitor of, eHarmony for example has a series of compatibility questions which they claim will allow them to make an exact match.

Decide What the End Game Is

Finally, you need to decide when creating your own what the end game is. For example, is the site primarily about hooking up, is it about dating? Is it about getting married? Each of these is another possibility and while all three will overlap to a certain degree, you’ll want to have a focus so that your visitors will be able to congregate at your site moreso than at the competition for your specific niche.