the boring side of seoAs regular readers of this blog know, I don’t tend to use it to push the services of Quantum SEO Labs. I’m also not paid based on whether you buy our services and so this blog has become a trusted source of information. That said, I’m going to talk a little bit about what we can do for you as well as what you can do for yourself to deal with the boring side of SEO.

Is There an Exciting Side?

SEO, more than anything is a repetitive exercise. For all that there are lots of things you can do, ultimately, the goal here is to build your links as much as possible so that you can get your page ranked highly in Google. There is of course a whole art form surrounding how you get those links, but ultimately, that is 90% of what SEO is about.
Now that said, depending on what you happen to be passionate about, there are indeed exciting sides to SEO. For example, I happen to enjoy writing and thus I find the blogging side of SEO to be rather exciting. However, there are other parts that could make anyone want to tear their hair out (and people who know me know I don’t have much to tear out).

The Boring Side

The thing that makes SEO boring for some people is the fact that it’s repetitive. Ultimately, your goal to get yourself listed in lots of directories and get lots of blog comments out and do all the other things that make your links show up all over the place. Basically, that’s where we come in – as SEO experts, we deal with the boring stuff and the repetitive work so that you don’t have to.

But What about Automated Services?

Yes, there are some automated services that you can use to solve many of the problems of SEO. I did a review a while back of several such options, such as SENuke and Rank Builder. However, while these tools can be quite useful, they can also be rather dangerous.
The reason, as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows is that Google (and frankly everyone else it seems) hates automated links. They want to see real links being built by real people. That’s why you hire an SEO team – to help you build up the links that you need.

Doing It Yourself

However, if you happen to want to build the links yourself but don’t want to do it all on complete “manual” mode, you can automate the process somewhat while at the same time creating unique content which doesn’t look like spam.

My Suggestion

My suggestion here is to use an autofill program which will put the boring stuff into forms for you and maybe even put in a link to your site. Then all you need to do is fill in an interesting comment on what was said in the blog post and you can get the links out there. Still too much work for you? Hey – like I said, it’s boring to do SEO. And that’s why people tend to hire pros like us to do the job for them.