affiliate marketingOne might be forgiven for thinking this is the case given that Google reputedly hates affiliate marketers and given that it seems every guy and his brother has put up an identical squeeze page to everyone else’s squeeze page. The answer however is that affiliate marketing is alive and well, but only if you do it correctly.

The Google Myth

Let’s start with the myth that Google hates affiliate marketers. The reality is that they not only don’t hate affiliate marketers. In fact, Google has their own affiliate marketing service where they promote hundreds of different companies and their products. What Google doesn’t want is empty websites which have no content and which just consist of a squeeze page.
Instead, if you want to sell affiliate products, you need to put together real articles and real websites which have real content. Then, when you try to get listed in Google, you’ll be fine. However, if you take the word of some Internet marketers, you simply take a generic web page which someone else created, add your name and pretend that you’ll rake in the cash from affiliate marketing.

Speaking of That

By the way, speaking of that, yes, a squeeze page is important. However, it cannot be your one and only marketing effort. It will likely not get indexed by Google and will not make money for you all on its own. However, if you have a blog with real reviews and real content, you can then direct people to the squeeze page to make a purchase.

You Have to Be Passionate

Go and look at Clickbank and see the list of popular products for sale and you’ll see that the two topics that consistently come up are weight loss and make money online. These two topics may well speak to you, but if they don’t speak to you, you can’t tell people to use them. The fact is that people will see right through you if you say that something is so wonderful when you really don’t care about it and just want to make money.

Don’t Follow the Heard

Yet another reason that many people think that affiliate marketing is dead is because it seems every guy and his brother is advertising the exact same products over and over again. Do a Google search for Forex and a handful of products will consistently come up with claims that they can make you money on auto pilot using the Forex market.
The thing is, most of these people aren’t making money selling these products since they are trying to sell the same products everyone else sells and they don’t have anything unique to offer.

By the Way

By the way, those who buy these products are also not making money since there is no such thing as a software program which can make you money on auto pilot.
All of these affiliate products have a disclaimer which says individual results may vary and frankly, if everyone who used them really did make money on auto pilot, you wouldn’t have to learn about them on spammy websites which no one has ever heard of. CNN, the New York Times and all the other major news outlets would have discussed it and everyone would be making piles of cash.