A lot of people take the more difficult route- they start a website, spend thousands on a link building campaign in order to showcase their content to the world, and fail.
If you do not need your own website to feature your content, getting higher rankings is quite simply.
For example, lets say that you are in the Gardening niche and are operating as an affiliate marketer. This means that the product you are promoting is not your own, but you do get a huge cut when you make a sale.
A short-cut to getting a lot of revenue coming in would be following these simple steps:
1. Use a well-established authority website to host your content. Examples would be Squidoo, Blogger and Blogsome. These are websites which allow you to make your posts and blogs in a simply fashion. The only difference is that the websites have a high PR, which helps you get rankings quickly.
2. Put your content in, and at the bottom of the post, use your keywords to anchor it to the affiliate page, where the customer goes to buy the product.
3. Use a custom link building service to get links from other authority websites to your blog page. Make sure you use your keywords.
4. Because your content is hosting on a high PR website, you will get higher rankings quickly.
I hope this helps!