SEO toolsWe’re always looking for new SEO tools to help improve Internet marketing. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative minds which are always hard at work trying to come up with new and better tools for the SEO professional and amateur alike.

Here are seven new (relatively new – some have been out a few months, some more recent) tools to help you make the most of your Internet presence.
LDA Content Optimizer
I’ve written here in the past about the need to diversify your keywords. It’s not enough to simply target the keyword dog food if you want to sell dog food. You need all the keywords that surround that term as well.
This concept is known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. Google and other search engines use it to help them figure out from context what your site is all about.
Well, another, competing technology, called LDA approaches the problem from a different perspective. The differences are pretty technical, but LDA Content Optimizer makes it easier to build good content for your website by recommending additional keywords you may want to target for your content to really “pop.”
Backlink Hunter
Just as the name seems to imply, this tool will help you to build backlinks to your website. Anyone who knows anything about making a website successful today knows that you need to get quality links back to your website if you want to rank higher in the SERPs. This tool helps you do that.
Sometimes, you don’t need another SEO tool. You just need a tool that makes it easier to prepare the content for your website. That’s what does. This tool will let you grab a screen shot from any other website, draw on it and then paste into your own.
This is a plugin for WordPress which was recently released and helps you to automate many of the processes that most SEO professionals do themselves. It will analyze your site and make intelligent suggestions of ways to make your site better.
While the author claims you don’t even need an SEO specialist with this software, we believe that you’ll get some benefit, but nothing is likely to completely replace a professional, thinking human being. Still, for those on a budget, it can be very helpful.
Another website to register for you may say, but I say this is one that’s vital to SEO and Internet marketing. does its magic by tracking every social bookmark you or people you follow on places like Twitter, Facebook and Delicious put in a link to.
Now you may be asking why you should care. The answer is simple – this is hot, relevant content. This is what people want to know about right now and if you want to make your web site rank high in the SERPs, it’s useful to keep your finger on the pulse of the Internet. makes it easy to do that. Plus, it’s free.
SEO Gadget Keyword Research (Beta)
Sure, you could use Adwords to do your research, but this tool will add a layer of sophistication that Adwords simply doesn’t offer. The reason is quite simple – Adwords is designed for people to purchase advertising; it’s not designed for keyword research. This tool on the other hand is specifically designed with SEO in mind.
SEOMoz’s SERPS Analysis Worksheets
Ever wonder exactly what the SERP results for your website mean? With these worksheets, you can calculate your best strategies to rank higher in the SERPs and to do a better job on SEO.