It Cost's Less Than a Dollar to Do SEO on a Budget

This is about all you'll need in order to do SEO on a budget

Everyone knows that you need to do SEO in order to get your web site ranked up on top in the search engine results page (SERP). The thing is, doing SEO the right way can be extremely expensive. You need to arrange for advertising, link backs, social media and blogs in order to get yourself high up in the rankings.
What if you simply don’t have that kind of money though? Is there anything that you as an intrepid web site owner can do yourself with very little cost? Yes – absolutely. It just requires a lot more work on your part.
Exchange Links With Other Blogs and Web Sites
Exchanging links with other web sites is probably the best way to get your site up there in the rankings. Contact other bloggers who have a similar but slightly different focus from your web site and offer to exchange links.
This means putting up an article about them on your web site and vice versa. The result benefits both of you since links within articles count for quite a lot more than other links when it come to SERP rankings.
Link to a Well Known Web Site
Trying to get people to visit your news web site? Create reviews of some popular web sites from other companies and be sure to use the term “review” together with the name of the other web site in your article. Make sure that your reviews are honest and that you really have seen the web sites or products you re reviewing.
Also, don’t go after the most popular things (i.e. everyone is reviewing the iPad. However, if you were to review something like the Cruz Tablet, you are more likely to get hits on your site since you have less competition).
Create Articles for Article Directories
Want to get links on dozens or even hundreds of other web sites? Then create useful articles with good information which others will find useful.
Post those articles together with a resource box which includes links back to your web site on article databases such as Ezine Articles and Article Alley. These articles are then put up on other web sites with your links included, making them valuable sources of link backs.
Comment on Blogs
Another great and cheap SEO technique which works well is to comment on other people’s blogs. Look for blogs which are at the top of the search results for your target area and then add comments together with a link back to your site to the end of articles.
Just make sure that you add comments which are useful and not simply spam (i.e. saying “great article – come visit my web site” is spam. Offering a thoughtful comment will get you not only the all important link backs but also visits from people who read what you write and realize that you have something useful to say.).
Comment on Forums
Finally, similar to commenting on blogs, another cheap SEO technique is to participate in forums and mention your web site. You can even add your web site to your signature on every forum you comment at, even if it’s not a related web site.
The only thing you need to do is make sure that your comments are organic and useful, not just spam where you (again) say “visit my web site” just because you want link backs for SEO purposes.