If you are stuck with your ‘About Me’ page on your blog or website, don’t despair. Numerous blog and website owners are probably in the same boat with you. There is something about writing the About Me that can unnerve even the most skilled blog writers. After all, if you are blogging, chances are, you are a good writer. Then why this strange hesitancy when it comes to the About Me page?

The reason for this, I think, is the same that one experiences while writing a resume. The About Me page is nothing short of an online resume. While a resume tells the prospective employers why they should hire you, the About Me page tells your readers why they should read your blog and tells advertisers why they should advertise on your blog. So like the resume, the About Me page should include information about you and your achievements. And just like the resume, this is where you are probably stuck.

All of us surely remember how we struggled with our first resume to get it just right. What to include and what not to include was the question and the same predicament is faced in the About Me page. The result – you may just rush through it to get it over with. You may feel that what you are delivering through your blog is more important than a well crafted About Me page. Unfortunately it does not work that way. For people to read your blog, the About Me page sometimes is very important.
And also remember that your About Me page is one of the most visited pages on your site. So you might as well pay attention to it and make it the best. I will help you along by sharing some simple tips guaranteed to make your About Me page come alive.
Here they are.

5 Ways to Make Your About Me Page Come Alive

  1. Tell Your Readers Who Really You are

This is a good start to the About Me page. When people read something they like (perhaps, they stumbled on to your blog through the search engine or someone recommended it to them), they want to know who is writing about it.
Start with your name and photograph. Resist the temptation to use a ‘cool’ pseudonym like ‘the blue woman’ or whatever else pops into your head. Use your real name. People feel more comfortable telling Martha what they thought about her ideas, rather than talking with ‘blue woman’. Using your real name makes you more approachable.
Having your photograph on the site is important too. It helps readers know you that much more personally and increases their comfort levels in interacting with you.
Keep the personal description short and sweet and something readers can connect to. For instance, you can say you are stay-at-home mom who squeezes in her writing between soccer games and doctors’ appointments. It will connect with the readers at a personal level.

Liz’s About Me page is short and to the point. At a single glance, you can see who she is. Then there is a very brief description. And the photo is pretty.


  1. Tell Them What Your Blog is all About

Then proceed along to tell them what your blog is all about. What areas will you cover?  If you are writing on specialized subject areas, whether it is taxation or travel, your About Me page should have the information which says that you have knowledge and authority on that subject. This is the point where you write about your qualification and/or experience about the subject.
aboutme 2

It is a good example of the About Me page that in the first sentence itself tells the reader the blogger’s area of specialization.  He also makes the point that he has 5+ years experience in the field. The tabular representation of skills and tools is a great idea to grab the attention of readers and prospective clients.

You can also mention when you started the blog (eg January 2012) and what influenced you to start blogging in that particular niche (eg. you found acute lack of right information in the niche or you wanted to share the information to help others in the industry etc.) Of course, do not overdo it. Be honest and you should be alright. Even if you say that you started the blog because now that you are retired and have time on your hands, it is fine.

  1. Focus on the Readers

Now that the basics are out of the way, we come to the crux of the ‘About Me’ page, which (surprise, surprise!) is not about you at all. It is all about how you and your blog are going to add value to the readers. So tell the readers about why they should read your site and how you can help them. Tell them you know exactly what problems they are facing. (It could be not knowing how to cook the perfect pasta or inability to retain employees in their small business, depending on your blog). Then make sure they know that you are going to help them out by offering tips and strategies.
It is also a good idea at this point to share any significant blogging achievements. For instance, if your blog has received media attention or you have been named ‘The most influential Blogger for the year’, make it known, with relevant links, of course. This induces greater confidence and trust towards what you share on the blog. Not to mention attracting advertisers.

  1. Pay attention to the Writing

Please pay as much attention to the About Me page writing style as you would to your blog posts. Keep the writing consistent- you can use the first person or write in the third person, but stick to either one. Decide the tone. Do you want make it humorous or retain a professional, business like approach? As you would know, there is no right or wrong writing style. There is only good and bad writing. The same rule applies to the About Me page. Keep the style and tone consistent throughout and in line with the rest of the blog.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Contact Details

Include your contact details and encourage readers to get in touch with you. Add your social networking profile links.

This About Me page displays the contact details prominently
Perhaps something you wrote made a significant difference to someone’s life and they want to share it with you. Imagine the warmth you will feel in your heart.
And of course do not forget the warmth in your wallet when an advertiser contacts you.
Did you struggle with your ‘About Me’ page? Do let me know in the comments. Do you think I missed out something? Please update me. And finally I would love to know what you think of my About Me page.