Keyword tools such as WordTracker and Google Keyword Tool provide an immense amount of data to internet marketers. If it werent for these tools, every single one of us would be shooting in the dark trying to do effective affiliate marketing & SEO.
With keyword tools, it is very easy to see which keyword phrase gets the maximum traffic, the maximum competition etc. It is also very easy to search for keywords which literally ensure your higher rankings in Google.
But webmasters need an in-depth information on the keyword tools in order to make the best use out of them. Here are 5 important facts about them:
1. They always have a lagging factor: Keyword tools never show you the exact search statistics. The results that they show might be 2-6 months old. This means that the tools can provide wrong information in a niche which is constantly changing. That is never a major issue though.
2. Different tools present different results: Wordtracker and Google Keyword Tool have extremely different results. For example, if the Google keyword tool shows a monthly search volume of 2100 i.e. 70 per day, when you check the same keyword in WordTracker, you will see a result of only 23 per day. The reason for this is that the keyword tools  gather and assemble keyword data in different ways which makes it impossible to tell which keyword tool is right.
3. They are never 100% accurate: Every keyword tool has its flaws. There is no such thing as a perfect keyword tool. Even though keyword tools are designed to present the most accurate data, it is impossible to do so because of the millions of keywords and factors involved.
4. They are only a means to an end: Keyword tools are not perfect but they work! It is always better to use only one keyword tool. Using 2 or more keyword tools will hamper your research and they will provide you hugely divergent data on keywords. I personally use Google Keyword Tool and it works for me. Your goal should be to gather important data from keyword tool so you should not focus on their apparent flaws. Use these tools to increase your website traffic and your profits.
5. Keyword tools can be a gateway to wealth: If you take the time to understand the tool and use it in the right way, you will always find keywords which have low competition and high searches. These keywords almost always guarantee you massive profits if used in the right way. It is because of this reason that successful affiliate marketers make thousands a day while unsuccessful ones do not make a dime!
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