First let me clear up the air for some of you.
Those who might read the title and wonder if I’ve gone crazy to be writing about something which might get you into trouble OR might confuse it with ‘Google Bombing’, you have to know that:
1) I’m sane enough to be discussing `white hat`strategies here
2)No, it’s not Google Bombing!
Though, both ‘Google Manipulation’ and ‘Google Bombing’ are almost relative terms and may cross-over in many aspects. However, the line of difference that draws them apart is in the usage and motivation scenario.
Predominantly, ‘Google Bombing’ is about politically-motivated ways that involve web spamming information using black hat SEO methods. This practice is also done for commercial purposes by spamdexing the information to play with Google’s SERPs.
So, what do I mean by ‘manipulating Google’? It’s about practicing permissible ways of bringing in more ‘positive’ or ‘productive’ results of you or your company on Google’s SERPs.
Still raising your brow? Confused and wondering if it’s legal enough or not?
Read on to understand how and where you can implement it for your own good.
Every search engine optimizer a.k.a SEO has only one intention – to bring up the hired company in the SERPs.
Imagine the feeling of being able to move your website’s rank higher on Google’s ranking – higher than your competitors? This is what every search engine optimizer a.k.a SEO aims or is paid for, if working in an organization.
There are 3 easy ways to Manipulate Google.
Make a new Website:
Create a new website. Register with a domain name in your company’s name or your own name if you are working as an individual. Now, this is a fact – a website with your name or your company’s name will definitely rank higher on Google. When someone searches for you or the company, Google will most likely bring it up on the first page.
If, in case, you have other sub-domains registered, Google will view them separately and give a different search result for each of the sub-domains within its listings.
Blog – YUP, that’s it!
Blogging is the best way to bring up all the information that you need your researchers to know about you. Tell you what, the best thing about manipulating Google search results is that you can bring more positive information about yourself in limelight – in this case Google’s SERPs.
At times, there is some misinterpreted information, negative data or false facts available about you on search pages. Of course, there is no way you can completely erase all that, but you can counter them by bringing in more solid and more positive information. Blogging is a viable method to manipulate Google search results.
An important thing you need is to write your name either in your blog’s title/subtitle or mention in the ‘about page’. Then, link it back to your website or some other site that reveals information that you’d want researchers to stumble on. You can make a blogging page at WordPress or Blogger for no cost at all.
Social Networking Sites – Get the world to Know You Better
Make a personal or company’s account on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and update it daily. Make a nice profile and place in the information that you want people to see and read. When adding up people to your account, remember not to add friends or relatives who you fear know quite a lot about you.
You definitely don’t want them to clutter your home page with photos of your childhood, or disastrous first date or anything that you fear might make it embarrassing for you. Well, get the hint.
Put in all the information that you want to people to read and accept. Of course, you’ll be employing your SEO tactics all the way, but hey, this sure works for the best!