Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers and other answers websites such as, AOL Answers, Askville from Amazon and the like are actually a great way to get backlinks and to build rank for your website. The key is to leverage these kinds of websites effectively for your needs so that you can create a community around yourself. Here’s what you need to know:
What is Yahoo! Answers?
Let’s start with what Yahoo! Answers is. It’s kind of like a search engine and kind of like a forum. The idea is that people can ask questions that they want answers to and real people can answer those questions. The people doing the answering don’t get money but they get points for offering the “best answer.”
I’ll assume that you couldn’t care less about getting the points. As near I can tell, the points are mostly for bragging rights and for getting your answers featured. Bragging rights don’t matter, but getting your answers featured should definitely matter to you.
Build Backlinks
The reason is quite simple: You can offer a short answer along with a link back to a page on your website which has more information. Backlinks of course are the backbone of the web and will help you to build a website and to build rank.
If your answer is a well written one, it rises to the top and generates a higher PR rating making your link on that page much more valuable to you as a place to get backlinks to your website.
Build Authority
Another great reason to participate in the answers community is building authority. Don’t forget that the Internet is ultimately intended to help people, not Google.
We sometimes don’t remember that when we’re in a rush to gain new backlinks and to build up the keyword density on our web pages, but the truth is that we don’t really need bots to find us. We need real people with real money to spend to find us.
If you offer a thoughtful and useful answer, not only will you generate more backlinks, but you’ll also generate goodwill and authority. People will learn to come to you for the answers they need to specific issues.
Get Interviewed
Finally, by building yourself up on a website like Yahoo! Answers, you will be creating a kind of portfolio of informational answers for yourself. This portfolio means that your authority is worth more than just getting new people to drop by your website. It also means that people looking for experts to interview will consider contacting you.
It’s simple: just like creating a blog gets you the benefit of being considered an authority, answering questions on answers sites also builds authority and that means potentially be interviewed by major blogs or news outlets, which will ultimately drive lots of traffic back to your website.