About Clickbank
Clickbank is an online market place for digital information products. Through Clickbank, businesses and individuals are able to attract outstanding numbers of customers who may otherwise be hard to access. Affiliate marketers are provided with secure means of success and profitability.
Clickbank is ranked as one of the most trafficked site on the World Wide Web. It is an extremely secure online retail outlet for over 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.
Affiliate Network
Many individuals often wonder what the success factors for Clickbank are. The major factor that has led to the current success of Clickbank is a well established affiliate network. All efforts and strategies employed by Clickbank would not amount to much were it not for the incredible team of highly motivated and innovative affiliates.
Clickbank maintains a simple, low-risk approach to becoming a Clickbank affiliate. As a result, many people sign up for Clickbank accounts. It is estimated that an average of 2000 individuals sign up for Clickbank account every single day. Basing on the clients testimonials, many individuals after signing up for Clickbank account attain high levels of success and earn a decent income.
Customer Support
Another success strategy employed by Clickbank is a well established customer support ticket system and customer receipt page; this facilitates communication between the vendor and customers. All support requests of the customers are well responded to including refund and cancellation requests.
With the enhanced order receipt page for customers in place, an email receipt is sent to the customer every time they purchase from Clickbank. The vendor receives a sales notification. Both of these emails are linked to the order receipt page. In the order receipt page, customers are able to print an invoice, change their email address, request for a refund and make a request for any other technical support that may be needed.
Product Vendors
The success of Clickbank can also be attributed to the availability of product vendors who sell their intellectual property through the Clickbank’s ecommerce network. Vendors at Clickbank network have specific expertise and intellectual property with an entrepreneurial desire to sell their products.
Product vendors get to benefit through instant global product distribution. Vendors pay for marketing exposure only when a sale is made. The entire online system is secure because Clickbank has put in place a very reliable fraud prevention system.
These are among the many reasons why CB continues to rock the Web. If you have a skill or a product that you think someone may want why not try selling it at CB? If you don’t have a product or a service you can dive in and start selling other people’s products and services. The commissions are attractive and many people are making a good living out of them.