Facebook likesIt’s everyone’s dream to have a Facebook page which garners thousands of likes. However, few of us manage to achieve that because, let’s face it – getting that popular is hard work. However, there are ways to do it. Here are five strategies that will help you get your 100,000 fans and then some on Facebook:

Do Something Viral

This is really the crux of all five strategies – doing something viral, meaning something which simply grabs attention for your Facebook page regardless of who you are or what you’re doing.
This could mean creating a really slick video or it could mean creating some other bit of content which simply attracts wide attention. The important thing is to find something which will have wide appeal. Heck, you could even do something viral where you have something controversial to say or which resonates with lots of people. After all, the Arab Spring has been spread through something viral – the desire to throw off oppressive governments.

Give Something Away

I recently ran across an ad for another cheap eyeglasses place online. Way back when, it used to be that only Zenni Optical was offering cheap eyeglasses online. They started with a site which advertised $19 eyeglasses. Today, there are dozens of copycats (they all manufacture en masse in Hong Kong and ship to you within a few weeks).
This particular site (goggles4u.com) was offering a free pair of eyeglasses in exchange for a like on their Facebook page (now to be fair, the free eyeglasses would only cost $9 without the coupon, but still, the appeal was there). They are already over 100,000 likes and growing rapidly.

Be Famous

Okay, so this isn’t so easy for most people, but let’s face it – in today’s world of ever more fractured communications and entertainment, becoming famous is easier than ever, though it does tend to be somewhat more fleeting. You could become famous because you were on one of the dozens of reality shows on TV or because you pulled some kind of stunt which got you into the news. The point here is that by doing so, you can easily hit your 100,000 likes.

Buy Them

This has two facets. The first is to simply “buy” likes using a service like Mechanical Turk or one of the offers on Fiverr to get you a certain number of likes. The problem with this is that the likes are untargeted and likely will not get you the kind of business you want. The other option is to simply buy advertising and build your likes using honest to goodness people who saw your ad and liked what you had to offer.

Do it the Old Fashioned Way

Finally, you could get 100,000 Facebook likes for your page the old fashioned way – one at a time. This simply involves creating a really great page with content which is really useful and with content which is reserved only for those who like the page. Then, you build slowly through word of mouth.