Incredible though it may seem, there are people who still believe that love makes the world go around (I personally know a few). But those of us who are practical know that the right answer is green. Not the environment silly, but dollars. And we meander through life trying to identify the best opportunities for adding to the good old bank balance.
But making money takes time and efforts and getting rich is not easy.
Having said that, you have to admit that the opportunities available today for making money are far more than a few years back, thanks to the internet. The internet is inundated with money making schemes that promise riches beyond dreams. While this is good in itself, the icing on the cake is the accompanying claim that ‘you don’t have to work hard for it’.
This practically amounts to having the cake and eating it too (icing and all). This is an offer surely no one can resist. So you can hardly be blamed for spending time on online marketing efforts in an attempt to earn money online.
Make money online schemes

 There are several schemes available for earning money online

But the question is, are you overdoing it? Unknown to yourself, you may have turned into an online marketing addict spending far more time and money on online marketing than any return you can ever expect. Like any addiction, it creeps on you slowly and before you know it you are hooked. And like any other addiction, the best way to get out of it (if you want to, that is) is to identify the signs and admit that you are one.
Find below 10 warning signs that you are becoming an online marketing addict.

  1. You feel happiest when you have signed in to a new online marketing scheme

You look at a new online marketing scheme as a fresh opportunity that has been given to you to make good the past losses you may have suffered in the online marketing arena. You have a glazed look in your eyes while explaining to anyone who cares to listen why this is THE scheme you have been waiting for all this while.

  1. You have created a separate email account for subscribing to online marketing alerts

You just cannot afford to miss any new online money making method or technique and you want to be informed of it at once. But when you found that your email inbox was getting overcrowded, you decided to create a separate email id just to receive latest online marketing alerts. It is a different story that this inbox is overcrowded too due to sheer number of sites you have subscribed to.
But you are at peace knowing all of them are ‘important’ and need to be read and you don’t have to ‘waste’ time filtering the mails.

  1. Your Friends and Relatives Complain you Don’t Respond to their Emails

Refer point no.2. You obviously don’t have time to read through personal emails.

  1. You Cannot Resist the Power of NOW

The word NOW, displayed on any online marketing site has an almost hypnotic effect on you.

Are you unable to resist the lure of NOW?

When the site tells you, ‘order NOW to avail the best prices’ or ‘Buy NOW while stocks are available’, you just have to comply. Because if you don’t you know you will be haunted by a guilty complex that you let go of good thing and this opportunity will never ever come back.

  1. You Have a Master List of Online Marketing Keywords

You have spent so much time online searching for the best (and not so good) online marketing schemes that you know precisely which keywords to use to get the best results. And being the large hearted person that you are, you have put these together in a master list that you constantly update. This is for helping others who are interested in online marketing. You obviously don’t need the list as you know everything on it.

  1. You Know Your Credit Card Number by Heart

While lesser mortals have to refer to their credit cards to punch in the number to make an online payment, you have your credit card number memorized. Could it be due to the fact that you have used it so often while paying for the online marketing products, that the number has become etched in your mind?

Do you know your 16 digit credit card number by heart?

Or perhaps it is just that you have a great memory. The latter is most likely, what say?

  1. You are Running Out of Space to Store your Online Marketing Products

Your room (or spare room or garage) is getting full with products that are shipped to you after purchase. Ideally, you have to sell them (or distribute or promote) to earn money (and free up the personal space). But you are so busy researching and studying the next big online marketing idea that you tend to overlook this tiny detail and never get around to it.

  1. Your Spouse Refers to the Computer as the ‘Other Woman/Man’

Given the limited time you spend with the family, your spouse (after substantial relief that you are not having an affair over the internet with some exotic foreigner) makes snide remarks about computer snatching you away. While you convince the spouse that you are doing this only for the family (you are earning money for them, right?), you are secretly pleased that your spouse actually misses you.
Computer addicts

If the girl in the picture above reminds you of “you”, we have bad news for you.


  1. You become Philosophical about Life and Failure

You find yourself making philosophical comments about how life is not always about winning, but the fact that one has tried his or her best. This could be related to your inability to make money on most of the online marketing schemes you dipped your hands in. But what is funny is that this philosophy does not seem very attractive while dealing with your son’s poor school grades!

  1. You Become an Expert Niche Writer

In that rare moment, when there is no new online marketing scheme to occupy your attention and you don’t have any personal mails to respond to (probably because people stopped emailing you a long time back), you may get an inspiration to blog about your online marketing experiences.
Given your in-depth and personal knowledge in this area, the words will flow in an uninterrupted deluge, producing a highly informative blog post. And before you know it, you may get so many hits and views that you become an expert niche writer with followers hanging on to your every word and even consulting with you before making any online marketing decision.
And we know highly popular blogs are great revenue earners.
So is this a positive effect of your online marketing addiction? Perhaps, but there is no guarantee that will happen to you, is there?
Did you recognize any of these signs in yourself? Are there any signs I have missed? Or do you feel there is really no such thing as an ‘online marketing’ addiction. Anything and everything, let me know by way of your comments.