Being an expert is not easy. It raises others’ expectations from you and your own expectations too. Unfortunately there is no escape. Let me explain.
Consider an area like SEO.  The importance of SEO in the overall organizational marketing plan has led to an increased demand for services of SEO agencies. The spotlight is on SEO, as it were.
Now, if you head an SEO agency and almost all your clients are ‘up there’ in their search engine rankings, it is a sure sign that you are an SEO expert. Besides, you know how happy clients behave. They want to share the good news and all the details with anyone who will listen. And so the word spreads that you are an SEO expert.
But are you doubtful of your ‘SEO expert’ status? There are some simple ways to confirm. As an SEO expert, there are certain activities that have become almost second nature to you, albeit unconsciously. These are the things you always do if you are an SEO expert. I am sure you are eager to know what these are. So presenting to you

10 Things You Always Do if You are an SEO Expert

  1. You check your site rankings at least once a day, if not more

You have a constant fear that your website rankings would drop down overnight or during the day.  And according to you, there is nothing more embarrassing than having clients wonder why the “SEO expert’s website” is not in the top three search engine results. You have probably forgotten that SEO is not the stock market and is not prone to intra-day fluctuations. You must have advised your clients thousands of times that a well thought out and focused SEO strategy results in sustained top position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and the website cannot be arbitrarily dethroned from the top. Strangely, you forget this when it comes to your own website. (I check my site’s ranking once daily)

  1. You are constantly logged in to warrior forums looking for “ranking gains” secrets

Because you are an expert, you are never satisfied with what you have achieved so far. You are constantly on the edge that the next big SEO idea is out there and you may have missed it. You want to know if a warrior on the forum has shared a new technique for gaining ranking rapidly. While pushing oneself outside the comfort zone is generally a great idea, in this case, you are actually overdoing it.  Logging into your warrior forum account in the midst of a movie is a sure sign of ‘overdoing’. (I am always at warrior forum, looking for the “secret” to ranking gains)

  1. You are thinking of creating 1 website for each competitive term so that you can rank 1 in all of them

Does this point even need an elaboration? Nah, I don’t think so.

  1. You are constantly thinking of enhancing the rankings for generic keywords

You know that a sound SEO strategy lies in choosing the right keyword, which is innovative, low competition, relevant to users etc etc. But as the SEO expert, you want to offer more to your customers (and your own business too). So you spend significant time and effort thinking up strategies for attaining top ranking for keywords like ‘seo service’ or ‘seo agency’ that are broad and general and frankly very difficult to rank high.

  1. Your everyday language becomes perplexing to those around you

You are so deeply immersed in SEO speak that it has an impact on your everyday language. After hours of working with phrases like “dentist Sydney” or “divorce attorney North Carolina”, you automatically tell your spouse. “Let us dine at Italian Restaurant First Street”. While the spouse may understand you, your language becomes quite perplexing to friends and family. And your primary school grammar teacher, if she heard you, would be shocked trying to figure if it was somehow her fault.

  1. You begin to use smart catch phrases like “content is king” and “never be content with content”

As an SEO expert, words become an integral part of your life and you find yourself playing with words often. Given that original relevant content is the cornerstone of any good SEO strategy, the above two phrases become favorites. You find yourself quoting these often to your clients and your own staff.

  1. You are always talking about the hare and the tortoise story

As an SEO expert, you take your responsibility in the industry seriously. You are genuinely concerned about the bogus SEO agencies that promise the skies (read high ranking) by use of black hat SEO techniques. And your favorite example while talking about black hat vs white hat SEO is the hare and the tortoise story. (hare=black hat SEO=no sustained results and reverse for the tortoise).

  1. You check for comments and backlinks on your blog at least thrice daily.

You advise clients to blog consistently in their niche to push up the search ranking. You follow that advice, blogging about SEO. And you know that the search engine ranking of the blog is high only if it receives relevant comments and backlinks. And you check your blog to ascertain the status at least thrice daily.

  1. You are always putting together your SEO case studies and organizing them, the best, the worst etc.

This has become a hobby for you, given the numerous clients you have dealt with, each with their unique SEO scenario.  Intermittently you toy with the idea of writing a book, saying to yourself these notes will eventually become material for the book.

  1. You have constant SEO speaking engagements

The ultimate proof that you are an SEO expert is if you are spending a lot of time talking about SEO to clients, at conventions and conference, internet marketing forums and other events, in addition to working on SEO strategies.
So these are some of the things you always do if you are an SEO expert. And by the way if you found yourself smiling away at least half the points I have covered, congratulations….you are an SEO expert. But is there anything I missed out. Feel free to let me know in the comments.
After all, the SERP of this blog also depends on the number of comments it receives (wink wink)